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Gay TV characters!
Hey guys *grins*

Today I got to thinking about my favorite gay teens on TV. I ended up choosing Marshall from United States of Tara as my favorite since he probably is closest to representing myself - as opposed to say Kurt from Glee. So who are your favs? And does one resemble you best out of the lot.

i love Lafayette from true blood

but im more like Sam (if he even is) from true blood
since he drank bills blood he has kinky dreams about him

I'm going with Sam Adama from Caprica, he's super gay an a super assassin.

Probably Will from Will & Grace... if we're looking at ones like ourselves... or at least how I'd like to see myself.

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David and Michael on Six Feet Under (past)
Lafayette on True Blood (present)

Just remembered that Paul reckons that I'm like Vince in Queer as Folk (UK)

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Well, they're not teens, but Jack from Will & Grace (Hilarious!), and Noah from Noah's Ark (Sexy!).

Unfortunately Caprica got cancelled so no more Sam Adama/ Sasha Rozi for right now.
[Image: sasha-roiz.jpg]

Talbot from True Blood Big Grin

Fav is T.R. Night from Grey's Anatomy..

When it comes to me, I don't have a clue lol

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