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in a crazy relationship!
Whats up, I am still alive and well. Ive been talkin with my man everyday since he been on the road and I think I got him strait for now dont know how long it will last. What i mean is that we talked about lots of things before he left and I told him i wont do anything to mess this relationship up. Then I was explaining to him how it only takes one time with a stranger to catch something and then you come to your partner and well no good can come from that. He said that he feels me on that and that he too scared of that. thats why he aint gonna do nothing crazy out there. I see him not puttin his location on blast and not trying to look for duded on that website but thats just for now. That dont mean he has changed all the way. I hope I scared him enough for him not to put him and me at risk. I also made a promise to myself not to snoop again and I am going to stick to it for sure. whatever happens i have to just get a vibe to know about it. well I also know he too carefull whatever he does and not putting me at risk could mean wrappin it up. Somehow I am accepting that he is how he is and I just hope he can tell me so we can work something out. now if he says he only wants to be with dudes one day I need to know. That common law marriage will turn into a friend status. If he bisexual then we gonna have the longest talk ever.

That's quite a journey you've taken, cynmart5 Cool

Whats up, recently since my husband been gone I think he hasn't been doing crazy things but today we were texting and here is the conversation. I was talking with him about how he been saying I must got somebody around cause I been extra busy lately. Anyhow I told him maybe he was guilty of something. He text me stop worrying about him doing things on the road. He told me he got something riding on him. he dont like sex anymore. then he says he practicing no sex now because its good for cleansing the soul. Then he says reason why is cause he think he is gay. Then he says yes when it comes to having sex with woman like you. then he calls me but dont even try to elaborate on what he just finished texting. after a while of me talkin with him he saying he want to practice abstinence and that not to worry bout him cheating. plus other things.. I tried to get him talking nothing worked. we hang up and he text me few minutes later saying I dont love him or I wouldn't be doing the things i do to him. then he says typo.(no explanation) I text him that he can talk to me about anything then he text me saying yeah i know you good at keeping secrets then its back and forth with no secrets here then somebody sleepin in my bed messin with his head. then finally he says good night perfect woman and ends the night with me. What do anybody think about all this. What should my next move be.

break up with the guy and find yourself another man... he does not deserve someone like you....

So I told my husband he trying to text me to say something without saying it and he tells me God sees everything you do behind closed doors and out in the open.

I don't know how to follow this at all. If he believes God sees everything that works both ways. Is he trying to engineer a break up, but doesn't want to be the one to do the breaking?

so, have you breakin' up with him already?

I have never broken up with a guy. I have never thought myself strong enough of a woman to go solo. I know my partner and sometimes it's so hard to figure him out because he is so good. When I think of something he is always two steps ahead of me with the right thing to say. As far as his crazy texting he makes it look like he tried to say whatever to get me to leave him alone. I still say who says he thinks he gay and then acts like nothing minutes later. Still I try to find out if maybe he just confused and I wait for him to figure things out. I just can't believe the inevitable.

why not try to be open to him? tell him that these things bother you?

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