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Lost my virginity!!!
Well i have been texting and hanging out with this guy for like ever and he finally asked me today if i wanted to and i said yea. he wanted me to ride ( im a bottom btw) and do doggy style. it was absolutely amazing! not only have i ever felt soo good/sexy about myself but it actually felt really good and didnt hurt ( lil at first) i was pretty nervous about riding but after a few trys i got it down perfectly. i do feel kinda bad though because it wasnt with someone i love but oh well.

Good for you I guess

Glad it was a good experience! That's all that matters :-)

Loool dude congrats!!! ;d

Congrats man Smile

That is nice to know.

For me, I am going to wait for my lover.

Congrats! I remember my first time.. I was in Serbia on a dig and I met this "bear" Yugoslav. We joking called him YugoSlob, but he was so easy going, he didn't care. I took a pounding on the bottom, but I was so turned on, I barely felt a thing.

Congratulations mate , I lost mine back in august , on my 41st birthday!! It was truely amazing . You need to explore what you like and dont like etc . I wouldnt worry too much about being in love with the guy , that can come later . Most important thing is you experienced it and enjoyed the intimacy .

Always play safe..!

As Timmy says here... with AIDS and other STDs still rampant, you've got to remember to protect yourself and your partners... AIDS remembrance day coming up December 1st. Glad you enjoyed the "ride" though... Wink

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