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Should I tell my girlfriend?
First let me start off by saying thanks for telling all of us your story, its takes a lot of courage to say such a thing. Honesty is a must in a relationship that is suppose to last a life time. If there's no honesty in a relationship you'll find yourself doubting your partners every word. The best thing to do is to come clean and tell her the real answers to the questions she asked you. If she has a problem with it (which she might) then shell probably realize that you both are to young to make a lifetime commitment. But you also need to express to her your feelings towards guys and the lack of feelings you have towards ladies. Sometimes in life you are going to experience such occurrences like this, but keep in mind this only makes us stronger. I hope all turns out well.

I agree with Marshy, entirely, and the only reason I am actually saying anything (which is irrelevant) is to say to Jakem, that his post is nicely written.

First off welcome to GS and this waaaaaay much better than that restrictive other forum. Dude, I saw this same exact thread lurking on the old gay forum I used to post on... it's the same exact thread. I think you should tell her the truth. It's the best thing to do. Good luck with it!

Hi Jakem
Having read the other posts I would say hold your horses.....you shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone....not to that extent....not even your partner.......If you have desires and thoughts that you wish to keep private I think it's entirely up to you.....

I respect everybody's opinion regarding honesty being the best policy...... but would temper that view by pointing out that they test children's ability to lie as a way of assessing their intellectual development.....:biggrin:
"honesty" can be very hurtful in a vast number of situations and is clearly not a "fix all"

I have been in a happy relationship with someone I absolutely adore for 20 years.....I am certainly not very honest....but I have been very happy for 20 years...so hey ho....

good luck with whatever you decide.....oh.. and under 25 is too young to be getting married in my book...... chill your boots Wink

At first I thought of writting a lie; however, since we are talking about truths, I would have to agree with Marshlander. On another note, try to not put the "likes" and wants of your girlfriend above yours, they just create problems. A relationship is above two individuals being happy, you give the impression of you not being so happy. But, hey it your decision, so think of the future....

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