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Helpless and unsure.... any advice?
Ok, there's this one guy who works at the Walgreens (drug store) by my house, and I have the BIGGEST crush on him! He is tall, athletic, masculine, and has this bubble butt I always end up staring at. He must be about 21-25 years of age. He has the most warm and gentle eyes I've EVER seen! They're like cartoon eyes. He has these big pupils, and shiny reflective eyeballs. He has beautiful long eyelashes that compliment his cute face.

I can just sense his sensitivity, he's SUCH a sweetheart! He has this quiet, shy demeanor that's soo ADORABLE!! I see him all the time, and I walked in today looking for something. He was at the photo center part of the store. He smiled at me, as I was entering the store. I smiled back, maybe a little longer than I should have, but I don't think he noticed.

Then, he asked me how I've been since we've last seen each other. I said, "good, and you?", with the mischievous smirk that shows itself only during "game time". I get these strong vibes when we interact, but then again, that might just be my hormones acting up. I can't tell for sure if he likes me back, or if he's just doing his job, or if he's just a generally sweet person to everyone... In addition to that, my gaydar does go off, but it's reading 50/50, so I'm not so sure

Eventually, he asked if I needed any help to let him know... I didn't need his assistance, but I pretended that I did, just so I could get close to him, and absorb his essence. Once he found what I needed, he said, "Is this what you were looking for?". In agreeance, I began to reach my hands to retrieve it from him. Eventually, ours hands touched, as he relieved the merchandise to me. Our hands made contact for longer than I thought they would, and I just melted! His touch was so soft and gentle...

As I was making the transaction, once I was ready to go, the card machine began to lag. He made a cute little joke about it. I didn't hear exactly what he said, since I was got totally lost in his image as he was smiling and chuckling, but I laughed as if I did regardless....

My question is:

How do I approach a potentially str8 guy that I really like....should I try to figure out if he's gay first by just outwardly asking him, before I let him know that I really like him to save me from any regret later? Or should I just give him my number the next time I see him, no questions asked, and see what happens from there? I don't want to freak him out, if he is not into me, or worse, if he's a breeder....

I feel helpless and lost, in this situation... What should I do?

Start by saying Hello see where it goes from there

While he's at work he won't have much time to talk, so why not write your number down and give him the paper, saying that you'd like to get to know him if he wants to meet up after work sometime and to give you a call if he wants.

Just give him your number and contact to see if he is interested in hanging out. Besides, for people who do customer services job, it 's very common to be friendly and ask "how are you?" with a big nice smile Big Grin

When I work, I always do that regardless I like the object romantically or not.

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