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i have kind of met someone and it is still early days but it is so frustrating that i cant know more about how he feels about me. he often takes a long time to reply to messages yet i know he is online but when we talk on fone or do talk proprly on msn he is always pleased to talk to me.

it is really hard because the situation is complicated for reasons i cant say and i realy dont know if we could even have a future and that isnt helped by the fact he doesnt realy talk about things but does make promises.

i realy cant say much more so cant answer any questions u want to ask i just wanted to rant a bit moslty cos he has not replied to my txt for hours!!!

Not that much of a rant. He doesn't really talk about things? Why even bother talking to him then? He makes promises as well... they may be empty promises. I don't know. I'm sorry, if I'm talking to someone and they don't respond back in decent amount of time... I won't talk to them and that's it.

yeah not much of a rant i guess but there is a lot i realy cant say but i want to screem. communication is not always good but then he will text last thing to say night. mixed messages.

not sure if promises are empty i think i have to just wait to be hurt or pleased?????

Yeah. I wish ya luck on this. Hopefully he's going keep these promises and not break them. You'll have to find out.

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