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Female --> Male?
SlipknotRlZZ Wrote:

I can't quite understand what I am. I mean, in this video they explain stuff like what transsexual and transgender and cross-dresser mean, but...they say that someone who is undergoing a change in gender isn't really homosexual, but just identifies as a heterosexual individual of the opposite gender. While with me, as I have mentioned above, it's like I identify as a homosexual individual of the opposite gender.

I get so scared sometimes....because I would REALLY like to change my gender and all, but it would be totally artificial if I do. I mean, the penis and all, and they would have to give me hormones and stuff in order to grow facial hair and in order for my voice to change.

I hope to be able to cut my hair this summer. Try it short. When I go to college I hope to be able to get rid of my breasts. I don't know how I'm gonna do it yet, there are several procedures...

But I am afraid that no one will like someone who is in the middle of this. It's like I won't be a woman OR a man, I will be neither...I am soo scared right now...

Wow is all I can say to that video was actually disturbing to me

hey, your going thru the same thing i am... i feel like im a boy trapped in a womans body.. i thought i was just a lesbian but ive secretly wanted to be a boy since i was little. i use to play with boys toys and pretend i was a boy and stuff. but my ex girlfriend is helping me thru the confusion and checked out a book for me to read. i think you should read it too. its called "parrotfish" by ellen wittlinger and its about a transgenderd girl who wants to be a boy. its good so far and you should read it Smile

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