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iAccidentally outed my boyfriend! BinLaden dead..Great!!..iNeed advice WAT TO DO!
Cry Alrite iKnw we all should be celebrating the death of Bin Laden...real happy to hear that ...but iHave other problems of my own....I accidentally outed my boyfriend.....imet him on fbook ...he was a top soccer player at high school while I was a junior ...hes 21 im 18 ...we talked on the phone after facebook...after i gained his trust ...we met at is house ...and in no time I was on my knees ...it was my first time havin gay sex....his dick was huge so ineva reali enjoyed it ...was very painful...ibegd him to stop...and he continued ...iforgive him...well after I promise not to tell anyone...but he was my high school crush and i Believe ishud atleast share it with one close friend.....I told my bes male friend whom i thought I could trust.
Now my boyfriend called me yesterday to tell me that people asking him if he's gay and in a relationship with me........Cry he has a soccer career ahead of him ...Icant !!! believe i let this happen ....he is destroyed .,...he keeps talking about his football friends..nd that...sigh....my worst fuckin sunday eva ....nd damn when my family find out ...his coach wants me to tell everyone that its a lie and I made it up...then I will take the blunt nd have to face the entire community ...idont think i can "CryCry...ifeel like dien rite now ..im in my room thinkin if i can face the world tomarrow...or end it tonite ...cuz ijus cant go on after this my life all gone now ....ifeel like ihave nothing to live for....my friend wont even answer my calls becuz he knw what hes done ..icant tell everyone im gay icantt!

I don't understand, is he still in school? How do your friends know each other? how do you know his coach?

Chill, man, it's gonna be alright. Just deny everything and his career will be saved, if he doesn't want to admit he is gay or something. It's okay, really.

I'm sorry to read all this, but I hope you haven't done anything rash and do give this some time to blow over. If people find out your bi/gay, it will suck... but you have so much to live for yet. You're 18, almost done with high school assume especially with it already being May... Is it possible for you to both deny the rumor? Especially if your friend knows he screwed up.

I know people are pressuring you but whatever fallout he has - and hopefully he has none and is very successful with his career, but either way - it's not because you are to blame. You can't worry for him ahead of your own happiness or safety. You can try to protect you both, by denying you ever said it or whatever, but what's done is done and now you just need to be strong. There's a lot to look forward to and people are becoming more open-minded all the time.

I would reply by saying.... APRIL FOOLS JOKE.... Bit late i know but its april fools and got ya all fooled.... Do a dr who on them and just twist the motion of life and make them all confused i would... Talk loads of rambling shit

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