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Have you met anyone famous?
depends on how u mean famous? lol iv met Kevin "bloody"wilson, colin edwards - medium man thingy and iv met Johnny Storm n i swear he knew i fancied him HA

I went to the Emmys once in Los Angeles and ran into Brad Pitt who was with Jennifer Anniston... does that count?

I haven't met any celebrities as in film stars or rock/pop musicians. Just haven't been in the right place I guess. But, I think I am better off with the famous people I have met.

Jane Goodall (Scientist, environmentalist, and humanitarian)
Ted Kooser (twice U.S. Poet Laureate and Pulitzer Prize Winner)
Phillip Glass (three time academy award nominated composer)
Dorothy Allison (best selling novelist, feminist, and gay and lesbian rights advocate)
Rita May Brown (best selling novelist, feminist, and gay and lesbian rights advocate)

I met Stanley Baxter as a child. If you don't know who he is:

Very funny.

Usher once opened a door into my face and I turned around to get an apology and his maHUSSIVE bouncer just laughed at my face Sad Does that count?

I've met John Rhys-Davies (who told me I was crazy), Sean Astin (who told me I was beautiful! *grin) and Bruce Hopkins (who photographed me!)

And the guys from Rooster Teeth.
Well... they're famous to *me* anyway.

[COLOR="Purple"]Probably the most exciting was when this kid saw me and my friends and suggested we follow him to a David Bowie video taping... It was actually for a band he started TIN MACHINE but you can actually see the back of my bf and my head for a few seconds :biggrin: does that count???

I have also been in pretty close contact with The Clash (backstage) and Iggy Pop (after-show drunken (maybe something else) state attempting to punch out policeman) and nearly smacked into Michael Jackson (as he roamed the aisles of The American Pharmacy in Tokyo) which was REALLY REALLY weird Wink2 [/COLOR]

I wana meet the topp twins. Nz's very own gay twin comedians they are cool chicks!

I get to meet a celeb everyday ^_^ I wake up, get out of bed. Take one long look in the mirror and there he is, the handsome devil what he is :tongue:

But seriosuly, I haven't really met any celebs, though I supose I have met quite a lot of footballers in my day asking for autographs. (you can gennerally get an ickle conversation with them or a handshake).

Just to point out, Craig Bellamy is a full on Twat, never met some one as big headed. silly nub insulted me >.<

ive met plenty of celebs but mostly by accident - i did once climb a 15 ft at least fence at a rock restival and landed in the artist area when i was 14....Lemmy from motorhead helped me up after i landed hard on the other side Confusedmile: "big drop at 14" , he took me to meet all the bands playing and was amazing, metalica were very friendly and signed loads of stuff for me...

met some international footballers on holiday in cyprus years ago and we all whent out for drinks a few nights,,,one used to get very drunk but very funny but could get out of hand, he picked a fight with a group of geordie lads n had to rescue him form getting a slapping,,,funny but scary all rolled into one,

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