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Have you met anyone famous?
Just wondering coz we usually see Heather Mills almost every other day when she pops in to visit her sister who lives in the flat above us! :-) She always looks a bit on her guard and unaproachable so I don't bother saying hello! Confusedmile:

I've also met erm David Bowie, Prince (the pop one), and a few other not so well known UK celebrities...

What about you guys?
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

I once met local celebrity Stephan Sanders, and I even slept with him :tongue:. He's a dutch writer, journalist and (small scale) television personality.

And did you talk with Prince and Bowie, Andy, or did you just shake hands?

Norbert u hussy! hehehe

I met Prince when I started my first job with Guinness Brewing and my straight mate (Paul) who worked there as well took me out for a lads night out in East London. I got a bit sozzled as I wasn't used to that level of drinking. (about 8-10 pints of beer!) Eventually they took me to a girly strip club (they didn't know I was gay!) and there sitting at the table next to us was Prince and his entourage. I noticed him first - he had a big stetson type hat on. I went over and said hello to him and had a wee chat. I was more interested in talking to him than seeing the show! lol I wasn't that impressed with the show anyway but had to pretend to the guys after that I enjoyed it.

I met David Bowie in South London when he was coming out of a car... I said hi and had a little chat... he was on his way to see some PR guy.

They both seemed really down to earth and unaffected by their fame! Confusedmile:
Note: No trees were destroyed in the sending of this contaminant free message. However, I do concede, a significant number of electrons may have been inconvenienced.

i woz in a pub in london wiv me mate few weeks ago and hilary duff came in and sat just a few feet away. later she sang two songs she was great!!

So she was just sitting next to you?? Huh, that doesn't count as meeting! I once sat next to famous dutch (gay) actor Leen Jongewaard in an italian restaurant.

And then I had a conversation with dutch critic and poet Gerrit Komrij, also gay, in a gay club in 1982 or so.

So I beat all of you, easily....:tongue:

i don't know if that wouldn't count as meeting hilary duff, a meeting is really just meeting them not really meeting and chatting... however i bet it was cool seeing her...

i've met and chatted to few celebs...but they were mostly british ones. Ronan keeting, atomic kitten when they were still around, i got taken out for a few drinks by liberty x, richard and judy lived near where i grew up so met them loads , frank bruno, noel edmands....

well there are a lot more but its starts to sound like a list rather than anything interesting.... plus there was no one really big...

That is my first topic here so... HI!
And yes... you know I'm from London and I met people like...
- Madonna (Next to her mansion in Marble Arch in London)
- Patrick Swayze (Outside the theatre where he was performng "Guys And Dolls" in october/november (not sure) he was talking with fans around 30 mins, and he gave me his hand as well)
- Michael Jackson (World Music Awards 2006 London - he gave me his hand)
- Paris Hilton (World Music Awards 2006 London)
- Katie Melua (World Music Awards 2006 London)
- Enya (World Music Awards 2006 London)
- Sean Paul (World Music Awards 2006 London)
- Katie Price and Peter Andre (World Music Awards 2006 London)
- Bob Sinclair (Wprld Music Awards 2006 London)
- Sophie Ellis Bextorm (G-A-Y Astria)

And that's it :tongue: Confusedmile: Rolleyes

Like most insane people I have been on the weakest link!!!!!, also been to Jeffrey Archers flat in London, and in some scary parallel universe I have met Jim Davidson.

Who says I haven't lived!

Well, in the course of my old job I got to meet such luminaries as Gwynneth Paltrow, Rachel Stevens and Jeremy Edwards (before and after their split) and Gerard Butler.

I also got to meet Atomic Kitten and Scooch (their first time around), when I was in a very short-lived boyband. Scooch were quite mean, actually. Not very nice at all.

Too many to list. work with em all the time throughout the year but basically have a look at my site.


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