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I must be a loser
Well Tolb, I would love to go to Mass sometime.. maybe I can make a trip out of it. Any good places to shop? I have to have a reason to go other than to meet someone and hang out. I can do that around her.. I want to go do something I have never done before.. Like Sky Diving or White water rafting.

Here in Argentina we have a very close minded, heterosexist society, those attitudes particularly from men. New generations (i mean mine and the one that follows) seem to be softer dealing with those things, though homosexuality is still seen as something embarrasing. It's a society full of scars, slowly progressing, as the country has recently (i mean the last three decades and more) gone through the darkest and most terrible period of its history... But luckily attitudes are gradually loosing.

and sorry for going off topic! hehe

I wouldn't say picky. . . just don't burn bridges. Those you may not be attracted to could be some really great friends and could introduce you to someone with a lot of potential. Plus you never know how much someone will change in a year or two...

Remember "fats" can lose weight. I did. I think I'm alright looking, a total nerd, but okay. . . and there are a few people in my past that rejected me becaue of my weight, and all of a sudden I became more tempting when I lost weight. I remembered how they treated me when I was fat and wanted nothing to do with them... what's great is when those that rejected me (but weren't cruel about it) had to deal with a jealous boyfriend because I was "friends" with them... HA.

I also hunt, track, fish, camp, a 1st degree black belt, artist, and nutrition freak. Most people are shocked to learn this about me just because of first impressions. So, just make sure to play nice.... you really don't know how it will come back onto you.

When you are happy with yourself and happy with your life, you are more likely to attract the type of guy you want.

well if you come around october we could go to salem, the neighboring city, and learn about all the haunted happenings that happened in the 1600's witch hunt.. ooo those were fun. ^_^ sorry, being raised around here you kinda grow sadistic

ah! It's awesome to see others that have enjoy the paranormal! I know that comment was *not* directed to me, but it's still made me excited! ... I guess I excite easily?

Anyways, my friends and I go ghost hunting here in Oklahoma... we're trying to talk my bf's cousin to sneak us into a prison where they used to perform experiments on inmates where some of them died... it's the part of the prison that has been shut down!

We are also going to an old fort that has reported hauntings due to the murders of POWs along with some murder suicides of high ranking officials. I can't wait until november!!!!! Oklahoma has a lot of hauntings, especiallyat the OKC bombing site. All the cops are creeped out that guard that place, they always go in groups when the check the floors due to strange sounds and moving objects. totally creepy! Oh I am so not helping my nerdy loser image... thank G-d this is the internet (^_^Wink

Hey, it's all cool. I love to go Ghost Hunting. There are like 2 places around here where I live that are haunted that I go to all the time.

Seems we almost have the same problem. I dont like going out much alone, and in this small town there are no gay bars. Closest one is in Nurenberg, wich is about an hour away. Im not a picky person though, when it comes to looks. I look at it this way: Looks are an extra. Its the personality that matters. I dont care how you look, if you have a good personality then we will see where it goes. Thats the way I see it.

jenova- I know what you are talking about. I know a woman that lives there, and she was telling me about how gay people are treated there. Its really sad. Im sorry that you have to go through that in such a drastic way. I am also e-mailing a girl thats from there that is asking me questions about my town because she wants to move here. Though I wouldnt recommend Germany to move to... Im thinking of moving to New Zealand myself.

Sorry for te long post.

I wanna go ghost hunting too Cry

BTW For gay friendly places i recommend London ,$#%$& expensive tho. Or Netherlands/Amsterdam.

wouldlikemuscle Wrote:Is homosexuality still illegal in Indonesia?

I know it is in Malaysia.

It's not illegal (the gov never had anything to do with homosexuality, no issue whatsoever, like there's no such thing as gay :confused: )

but the society, the people here (especially the major relligion here "muslim") never accept that (although I know few muslim that is gay :biggrin: )
it just never came up to surface, all is burried memory Confusedmile: .

Back to the topic... Ubadar, do you still feel you're a looser? What has happened in your life since March 16th so far?

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