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I must be a loser
would only say - you gotta be happy with yourself before it's ever going to work - working on it myself and getting there

Ah yeah!!! You need to update this thread Udabar, you are with someone now arent you ? Wink

Dude, I've looked at your pictures and you're FAR from ugly, so that's a major plus point - I was expecting the Loch Ness Monster or something, but there's nothing wrong with you at all Smile

It's perfectly natural to be shy - I'm the same - I'm NEVER the best in social settings - here I'm fine as I can say what I want, when I want, how I want, but put me in a pub and I'm the one that orders drinks for other people, and winds up speaking to the bar staff arguing the difference between salted and dry roasted peanuts and their respective salt contents - in short, not very good.

HOWEVER, having said that I've had three boyfriends (shortest lasted 3 months, longest I'm still with and that's coming up for 2 years now - woohoo !!), and I'm living proof that it actually is possible to meet the right kinda guy for you AS a boyfriend THROUGH GAYDAR - yes people, it can happen !!

You've already done a great thing by joining up to the boards (and progressing to become a moderator is no mean feat either, but you don't need me to tell you that) - you've doubtless made quite a few mates on here that you're in regular contact with, and that's good not just because it helps to give you a broader world-view, but also because you have the resources of other people and their experience-base to draw upon.

The US is like most places - there's good and bad there, as there is here in the UK ... I think it might be a bit foolhardy (no offence) to adopt TOO heavy a grass-is-greener posture without fully exploring it, but yeah - why not save up some cash and take a trip over here to see what you think ... if you like it big stylee, then perhaps look to take an ... extended trip ... as in perhaps a rest-of-your-life-trip ... works for some Smile

Best of luck to you mon ami.

!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

A little bit late jumping on the advice train here, but here goes:

I know the whole relationship fairly well... albeit I've not been without a boyfriend for about a year and a half, I cycled through about uhm... I think it was 8... (various reasons... like abusive alcoholic, quite a few "I just want sex" guys, a cheater or two, and one guy who turned out to be a helluva lot older than he said...) but I don't exactly call myself picky... hell, I'm too loving I think...

But anyhoo, you're not picky for not liking certain types of guys. For example: I'm not real keen on dating a sports nut... no offense to anyone, but I hate sports with a fiery passion, they're a waste of time. (In my humble opinion)

And as for finding people... well... I can't say seeing as I'm 16, and most of my asking out of people has been through a computer (Instant messenger to be exact), buuut... going to a gay club or bar wouldn't hurt, would it? At least hypothetically it should work...

I dunno, I'm awful at the dating game... most guys I've had the (dis)pleasure of going out with are just straight guys looking to loose their virginity.

P.S. Unless you look like me, you're not ugly =P

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