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what do you do for work?
A student who leeches off of the state and family.

Same as OrphanPip. An engineering student, who is now in voluntary internship at UW Formula Hybrid team. Which is Great! But need a paid job..

OrphanPip Wrote:A student who leeches off of the state and family.

:dance3: Good job! Wavey

i'm a retail manager, currently with a chain of supermarket owned petrol stations whose name rhymes with hell

I'm a multimedia designer working for an international real estate company that focuses on selling properties from Australia. I basically handle the marketing and advertisement part of the company. Love the job, love my colleagues and love my desk. But it can be awfully stressful and tiring as I sometimes have to work on Sat and Sun few weeks in a row.

I'm also a freelance graphic designer and video editor. But I try to reduce my freelance stuff as much as possible nowadays as my full time job demands a lot of my time and commitment.

P/S: Pix, I find you to be amazing and inspiring. Way to go!

i am a retired bum i am now on retirement only because of age
what i mean by bum is i havent really had a job aince i was 20yo when i stoped working caranavals and circuses regulary and buming around the country in the winters because
not working in winter only summer.
so winter time i would pick where i thought would be inestering place to be and go there to live and do what ever . So i would do strange things like go to gas station and ask for tolit key and then go in about 75%of the time it was broken leaking or they would say no key it is broken and i would offer to fix it and would get from10 to 20 $ to fix the tolit since plumeers would call it a serviccce call at 60 to100 per and they were happy but hesatant
to let me work because of my age or coolers or fix anything i see broken and i have this thing it matters not what i do for money as long as i enjoy it hate to work for others as
hate being a slave and thats what it feels like to me i have done every thing from being a pais litter bug to haveing my own gold and silver refinery my lover aand i were hippy street artists in san fraan for a few years makeing and selling silver jewelry on the street mostly what here is calledindian style jewelry toqurise and silver stuff buy i just keep ploding along and now on retirement guess i will have to start back to selling jewelry or something since
i lost 300 per month when retired i get less thaan i did on disability bad time to start back but if it is cheap the gals and guys figure 5.00 or up to 20.00 is too small an amount not to buy something so they spend it so back to the buffalow nickel rings and that sort of stuff may even start cutting coins cut the background out of coins to make earings or pendents
just still think and buying some cheap jewelry to sell and scheem my way to a diffrent type thing to do yes it is true i got paid 20.00 to throw 100 pices of paper on the ground it sounds strange because of the way i say it you would under stand if i eexplained it diffrently
ok soap box mode off

I manage a couple of restaurants that my company owns at the local International Airport.
I also do "on the side" work, such as mechanic work, dance classes, and personal chef services.
I'm a student finishing up my Bachelors in Mass Communications with a Pre-Med minor.
AND I am the proud parent of two personality-filled dogs Confusedmile:

I'm a typist, I get all the exciting jobs don't you know..!!!


I work at Olive Garden and drive people around for whatever benefits they have to offer as a little independent side thing.

I'm a Soldier with a Scottish regiment "The Highlanders" most of my family are in the military.

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