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what do you do for work?
Went to school for Diesel / Hydraulics and Metal Fab but also operate heavy equipment when needed. Dozers, Excavators, loaders, woods harvesting equipment, trucks.

Still in college but trying my damn hardest to make it as a freelance photographer Confusedmile:

I'm a student doing I.T and Psychology. Not sure what I want to do in life, so I'll most likely end up a delinquent bum.

I am a prostitute, but that isn't working out so well for me. More often than not, I end up paying my clients twice as much in damages as they pay me for services. Cry

Actually, I am a travel agent. In conjunction, I write travel brochures and articles for local attractions. Before that I worked with "at-risk" children, but I found that too emotionally taxing to continue in the field. Before that, I was a college student and worked as an Acquisitions Editor for a national literary journal/launched academic journals at my school's publishing house (the rockets required a special type of fuel made from pig manure)/was Assistant Editor-in-Chief of a regional literary journal (often read like pig manure). After I graduated, the University offered my a position with the publishing house making a staggering six dollars an hour (quite a bit less than I was receiving before that with my grant). So, I packed it up and looked for something else to do.

I own a store with my lover and I think in May 2012 (or maybe June) we will have been in business now for 20 years.

I'm a Customer Service Agent and Ramp Agent for Regional Elite. Pretty much you give me money, and I get you on a plane. Or if I'm outside, I bring em in and unload and reload the planes.


Sales Associate and i hate it lol

I'm a student. During the spring and summer I cut grass and do little odd jobs for about 6 regular customers. And, then in the fall if they need leaves taken care of, or to get things winterized or whenever they need me, they just call.

I love being outdoors so I enjoy it.

i work in procurement... basically, i'm my company's "professional shopper" Wink

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