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what do you do for work?
I'm a loader / consolidator for the home shopping department of a supermarket.
People order their shopping online, pickers get that shopping and put it in baskets. I put that shopping into as few baskets as possible. I also load the delivery vans with the shopping that the drivers deliver.

Sounds similar to what I used to do when I worked for Amazon goldeneye101, I had to go off with a large "tote" steel cage on castors, push it around a warehouse - 1 mile wide and 1 mile broad - had to walk it manually "picking" items from 5kg - 15kg fill the steel cage up with them, take them back to be packed and then load them off onto the lorries that would deliver them globally - had to quit because it eventually done my back in pushing around 200kilo's per each steel cage - I'd have to do around 20-30 of them daily, they treated their staff poorly and couldn't care less about how much injury it was inflicting upon me - back was crippled, still is, feet were ruined coming out with blisters daily, and was both physically and mentally exhausting - so glad I packed that job in because I'm now off fulfilling my dream slowly but surely Confusedmile:

CallCentre Support full time. Life Coach part time

I work with the united nations commission for refugees. Very stressful and can make you cry sometimes

I am self employed.

I am an hareldic genealogist and artist. Some people think that means I fiddle with womens lady parts and draw pictures of them lol !

Noooooo, I trace peoples familliar coats of arms using official publications, interpret the Blazonry , or the technical Norman French and Latin technical language of heraldry to reproduce that persons coat of arms if their family had one registered. If not I can offer to create a brand new one but always point out that it isn't official. Only the Royal College of Arms has the authority to issue and confirm coats of arms in the UK.

I paint the coats of arms on to wooden plaques of varias shapes and sizes. I also paint Royal Heraldry and Regimental badges for clubs, pubs and various associations.

I recently sold a large coat of arms of the new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate Middleton) to a pub of the same name. The pub was actually named after the original Duke of Cambridge, Adolphus, Duke of Teck, the brother of Queen Mary (But he had to give up his German titles first!). Still, I wasn't too concerned about the technical details, the pub wasn't. They changed their pub sign to that of Prince William soon after his wedding.

I took on a £250 commission three weeks before Christmas and bust a gut to get it ready by the deadline (23rd December) which I did, only for the client to plead "Cash Flow Problems" when I turned up to deliver it.

I've been there before and get a 50% non refundable deposit before I even begin a new work and I don't hand over the completed product until payment has been received. After all I did the work, the least the client can do is pay me!!!

I wish I was self employed Sad

I've been working in retail waaayy too long, going to school full time and about to receive my bachelors in electrical engineering. one of my dream jobs is working for NASA which is an hour away so hopefully I'll get lucky Pray

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