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Finding Mates, Boyfriend or Partner
hello there,
how are you guys doing? This is from Ram new to this site, well pretty new to whole gay life.
me basically from indian background, when i reialised am bit deviant from others in my family always wanted to move out from the whole family system this is my life and i got to live well worked hard eventually moved out to aussie many years back, am almost 30 yrs old, matured hard working, educated fellow.
now i wanted to find my solemate or boyfriend or whatever and want to live with somebody, and the funny thing is am more attracted by white man seriously dont know why? am not racisit, egoistic, attitude sort of person, very simple down to earth polite person have been told my friend,

just that funny attraction i got structed and dont think am very outgoing person hanging out pubs clubs or anything, are there any chance for me to find my solemate who dosent care about my background or i just got to live my rest of life like this frustate. what do you guys thinking.

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