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To attract men
s123r123 Wrote:... or nice person ...

-i look at how he treats other people

I have never worn tight crotch jeans. That has always been left as a mystery when guys 'size me up'. As for what is in my wallet, I never flash it, so again guys don't know what they are getting with me.

Let's put it this way, at one time I was more than willing to take the Vow of Celibacy, Obedience and Poverty.... I have next to no interest in material stuff, thus I have always lived 'frugally' on my own.

That leaves two things: Good looks and personality.

At age 45 I still attract lots of attention, both male and female attention - unwanted attention. Thanksgiving I was 'molested' by three individuals, two women and my 24 year old nephew.... :redface: the two ladies were way too flirty , to the point where my partner pulled each of them aside and said 'Hey, you know he is married - to me. Stop it.'. My nephew waited until I was in the garage by myself smoking to walk up behind me, wrap his arms around me and grab my, um, junk.

Oh he had decided to come out of the closet to me. Rolleyes
---> I'm still processing that new data.....

I am attracted mostly to faces. And its not so much looks that I am looking for its is character, personality. Guys that others would consider 'ugly' I have been attracted too... I have always preferred to really data a few times before the bedroom scene. Get to know the person inside the body.

I have no interest in wealth - I understand the usefulness of money, I frankly do not understand the need to wear the latest designer names, own the largest TV. entertainment center, live in a large house and have the rooms designed by some professional who is so popular that in order to see them you have to make an appointment a year in advanced.

While I do have my 'physical type' I have passed up on many who fit that body type because they lacked personality points I require.

Jeans so tight a guy can read your credit card number? :tongue:

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.

Fred, you are baaaaaaaad!!! :biggrin:

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