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To attract men
hey guys just woundering what guys likes to attract , is that your dick size or your wallet weight or nice person what do you think

s123r123 Wrote:hey guys just woundering what guys likes to attract , is that your dick size or your wallet weight or nice person what do you think

[COLOR="Navy"][SIZE="2"]Well I would say if you were only looking to hook up for a one night stand than it would be the size of your manhood! But then again if you're looking to form a long lasting and loving relationship, personality is everything and compatibility too, because love is blind to when it comes to looks?


Looks don't matter a great deal to me. It's all about the personality, he might be the best looking guy in the world but he might be rotten on the inside. Anybody who's caring sweet and does those special little things like saying I love you or making me feel appreciated or even just texting me to wish me a good day. Or even remembering something that is important to me such an turning up for it or doing something about it. Alas I have not met Mr Right, but I'm not looking. If a sweet guy happens to look nice then that's a bonus, it doesn't really matter to me.v

It's nice to see someone else who thinks like that mrk2010.

It often seems like the gay community is solely about looks these days. I very much agree with you, it's all about how a person acts and how they treat me, if they look good then that's a pretty damn good bonus, if they don't well it doesn't matter too much because of how amazing they will be in other areas if they are the right person for you.

I just wish more people felt like that, so often promising relationships are spurned because "you're not my type"(incidentally, i'm not implying by this post that I look like a troll or something, that's not what I mean at all Tongue).

That being said though, and I suppose this is a bit contradictory, an attraction is important. For a lot of years I felt like sex wasn't important in a relationship, but having had a relationship where the sex fizzled out after a couple of years, eventually leading to the relationship's collapse, I've changed my mind on that, and I think 99% of the time for you to have a sexual spark you do need that attraction. So, in summary, it's a balance Tongue

It's more about the connection with me, I find it very hard to trust people so of course finding that connection is more important to me. I'm not looking for anyone at the moment, I have my own things to be getting on with in life, sometimes I get awfully lonely but I guess thats how it goes. Oh btw Joker, its nice to see another northerner one here :-)

Haha I know! I tried to send you a PM on here earlier to say the exact same thing, but apparently I haven't posted enough on Gayspeak to unlock that privilege yet, so you had a lucky escape Tongue

I lived a vast portion of my early years being desperately lonely, having had a couple of relatively long term relationships in the past 4 years or so, I'm quite keen to avoid that loneliness again, knowing what being with someone is like, but I know exactly what you mean, I've just started a new job and its fairly time intensive AND i have to study for exams on the side of that so I have enough to focus on! But then when free time does come around..

Anyway back to the O/Ps post (I said in a different threat I very easily go off topic and ramble for pages and pages Tongue), If you ask me, the only way to attract people worth attracting is to be yourself, act the way you are, not the way you think they want you to be, sure fire way to win if you ask me.

If you're just wanting a fling, then a shirtless photograph and an explicit message on a gay dating site will probably do the trick Tongue

I am not going to say that looks are not important, cause they are... at least initially. Then personality. Personality is a huge deal. A good personality makes someone more attractive any how.

I echo AirBorn, and will add he has to have a great sense of humor.

I could not say what it would be for me because I have yet to find someone. If I where to guess for me would be personality and I would hope that he could make me feel like there are butterflies fluttering within me every time I see him.

Depends where you come from, what youre looking for,

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