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why am i gay
not to confuse any one who had read thr orgional post i am gay i accept my self as gay always have just wonder why i am not like most people and enjoy the same thing s.

I only want to try the "Why am I question" here... for the other questions I don´t know you enough to answer...

Why shines the sun.. Why rotates the Earth... Why snow don´t taste like strawberry-jam

My advice is very simple : Don´t ask... it is not important to know why you are more or less gay, life with the facts mother nature has given you and do your best to be proud for what you are, be a fair, honest and helpful man. More is not necessary :-)

And think that mother nature has much humor.... she has given a breast and nipples to every man...nobody ask why ..but we all know it can only be a joke :biggrin:

I think the funny thing when you come out and tell people that you are gay they automatically assume that you enjoy dance music and like Golden Girls and all the weird stereotypical bullshit and its crazy but I liked dance music when I first came out but now I can't really get into it anymore, I seem to like stuff like Deadmau 5 and stuff like that. Trust me you don't want to be like everyone else and if someone has a problem with that then they are just flakes anyway and shouldn't be given any attention in the first place.

First time I went to a gay bar a guy came up to me and told me that the straight bars were down the road, I just looked at him and laughed. I really hope that wasn't his pick up line because it sure was weak and if it was to tell me I didn't fit in at a gay bar then he was ignored quickly. Just be who you are and live it up Confusedmile:

Because you are, somethings are meant not to be known Smile

i guyss it changed alot from my day in the 60's inutah you had to be resgistered special and it felt like a forhead stamp(or natzi tatooto me) to be allowed into a gay bar in slc they wanted to protect the strights from wandering and be suprised any it semi freked me out when i had a rig brakedown and get stuck there for a week

oldster Wrote:... just wonder why i am not like most people and enjoy the same thing s.
when i grew up there was less options for a gay person. If i was more aware earlier in my life there would have been huge differences now.

Today a boy could make his household work by looking at a perspective partner in terms of what the partner brings to the table. Not concentrate so much on the sole mate concept where everyone has the same interests.

oldster Wrote:NOT to confuse any one who had read thr orgional post i am gy i accept my self as gay always have ...
the OP was not thinking this post going this direction but:
Because there is no technology that works. They do not know enough to say why some boys are gay. We must rely on our belief's, all good tho some religions have never moved on from the 10th century. I am so put back by the hate for a group who's symbol is a rainbow.

Growing up I always wondered the same thing. why am i different from other boys. I had no interest in football, I loved taking care of myself and looking good, and things like that. Now I just live with it, different does not mean wrong, its just different

I had this conversation with my colleague, Vincent in a car few weeks ago. It was around 12 am something. Vincent, two other colleagues and I had to work late.

Anyways the conversation goes like this.

Vincent: Jay, you know you have my respect. But can I ask you something?

Jay: Sure

Vincent: Why are you gay?

Jay: Why are you straight?

Vincent: Because I love girls.

Jay: Because I love guys.

Vincent: Why don't you try girls?

Jay: Why don't you try guys?

Because I'm not into guys.

Jay: Because I'm not into girls.

Vincent: Fu*k you!

Jay: Fu*k you too!

Then we laughed like a maniac in the car. :biggrin:

according to scientists, if you have older brothers when they are in the womb hormones are given to you from your mum which are feminine ones and your older brothers will have fought them off but the hormones adapt and change so when you are in the womb you cannot fight them off and are under their power haha

dont know if i believe it tbh hahah

Slightly mixed up I am afraid.

The hypothesis is that a woman might develop antibodies against 'maleness' in some form if she bears a son. If she bears another son these antibodies in some way interfere with the maleness of that son.

Trouble is no one knows exactly what the 'male molecules' might be that she develops antibodies against. Also if she did produce these antibodies why have they such a very subtle effect to influence sexual orientation but don't create intersex sons?

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