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30 year old straight guy attracted to younger bi guy
Hey fellas. So I am brand new to this. I have just turned 30 years old and I have recently been falling for an openly bi guy. Here is the issue. I have never been attracted to a guy before and have never identified as gay or bi, so he has no idea that I would even remotely feel this way about him. The other issue is he is 19 years old. I'm not sure if what I'm experiencing is genuine or a manifestation of something else. I don't want to freak the kid out but I also don't want an opportunity to be happy to slip away because I got weirded out. We are good friends as it is, despite the age difference, and get along really well. Any advice you might have would be so much appreciated. Take care.

First, if you are attached to a guy then you are not straight.
Second, 11 years gap isn't that bad. There are difficulties there but it might work out. ( really depend on the maturity of the boys ).

ryno. you have a bit of lookin deep into yourself. i used to try and kid myself and tried to believe that i was completely straight. i used to even put myself down for having "gay thoughts" but over the last year i have looked deep into myself and am becoming more comfortable being a bi male. my wife of 9 years knows as i have came out to her a couple weeks ago. i see nothing wrong with the age difference. you just need to find out if the feelings are mutual. i sugest that you spend some time and find yourself. someone very special once told me that you need to love and accept yourself completely before you can love and accept any one else. i wish the two of you the best.

and btw...WELCOME TO GS!!

yeah if you are attracted to the guy then you arent straight. I would consider you bi. I dont really care much for labels. if you really care for this guy and you can see yourself being happy with this guy then you should just go for it.

Try being happy with him. Do not freak out. May be he has some feelings for you, maybe he has not. You could never know until you ask. Also I dont see anything wrong with the age difference. Maybe he will truly enjoy that you are older than him and could be there for him when he does not know what to do. You could be his everything, ha Wink ?

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