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Advice needed about boyfriends ex!
Aznguy, it is possible that you remain in this relati0nship because on some level, you don't think you can do any better?

From what you've told us, it sounds like he's treating you badly and at the least not taking your feelings into consideration.

People can remain friends with exes, I'm still good friends with my ex, Matthew. We spoke on the phone last night. Another ex of mine (Glenn) broke up with me and went back to his ex, who he remained friends with while we were together.

I can't tell you want to do, but if it were me in this relationship, I'd move on and leave him behind.
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Aznguy04 Wrote:BobInTampa I'm disabled I have Cerebral Palsy my walking is off my left leg isn't very strong and my left hand is weaker then my right hand.
relationship ( communication, respect, trust... ) is essential for EVERYONE.

ok now i am going to say somethings that at first mat sound alittle bad but in the long run it may help you you say that you have to pick the place and he juast ok's it well he probaly hasent been around people with a disability much sl he is a little standoffish as he dosent exactly what your limatation are my ex was forever haveing problems with people that want to help but consatnly threw him off balance because they had no idea that his center point is diffrent than theirs
alot of people when they are gong out with you would naturly expect to go where you like and feel comforable and they are naturly reluntant to take you some where you might not be comfortable . thats something that is learned by comuncateing with them
as far aas the other guy is concerned if he is truly your boyfreind and not just a safe haven for him untill he can work things out with his x
hee may just love the attention he gets from the guy do you have simular actions toward him showing the same physical affection as the other guy or is your relationship entirely diffrent style what ever it may bee he needs more from you than he is getting now get closer talk more aabout likes and dislikes get to shareing your lives as much as possiable things will work out better for you even if he starts thinking about his conduct and realizes he is still stuck on the other guy i know sounds bad but you will learn more about true relationships that way

Thanks everyone for your help we both talked about it we will remind friends for now and see happens in the future. I'm pretty sure I won't see his ex anytime soon.

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