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falling in love with sex partners
Yes, I am dating my "used to be fuck buddy" now.
It just happened. Unpredictable. One day we laid on bed and suddenly I set some tears and admitted that I had seen him more than a fuck buddy. I told him I know it s wrong and it s not what we agreed on but I couldn't have.
He held me in his arms ( set some tears too ), wiped out my tears and said he sees me more than a fuck buddy also.
That how we started. Ignore what other people say, only you and your partner know what s going on between you two.

AlephNull Wrote:If I have sex with someone, I will eventually feel some kind of romantic feelings for them. Does anyone else have this? I have heard a lot about people fucking without feeling emotion, but I can't even comprehend the possibility.

This just means you are more relationship bound compared to others. I am the same way, Hookups are hard for me, I want to talk to them or cuddle with them after sex and they are like.... Ummm we are done here. It makes me feel bad when they no longer respond to my texts but they only signed up for a hookup, not a date. Despite telling myself this, it's hard for me to not want more. For these reasons and more I'm pretty much more inclined to look for a relationship than hookup. Again I just feel you are in the same boat

Never had a sex partner, I've always fell in love with those I've been with.

Wow. Great post. Feelings of affection and emotional attachment come pretty easily to me; one guy I've played around with doesn't want to go any further with me physically for a number of reasons, one of which is I get "too personal". Which is not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion.

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