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Making Love
hrmm.. I cant believe that no one has posted in this section yet. Oh well.. time for me to pop the cherry and ask some questions.

What are the best positions when in bed with your lover (top and Bottom)?

If your the type that likes to experiment, like I do, then what positions have you come up with?

Where is the most interesting place(s) you have had sex at?

Well let's see...to item number 3 - the only places I have had sex outside of a car or in general, a house, is in stairwell of an apt. building, in a gym, hottub, sona (sp?)....and on the outside patio of a club. I was certain that we would be caught there but as it turns out, the patio was actually closed at the time and when we (my boyfriend at the time & myself) tried to go back inside, the doors were locked, and there was no other way out. But luckily, we had friends inside with their cells phones - so they let us back in.

Would you believe A Golf Course.. Yep thats how sad and as adventurous i've got in all my life lol

Well hello! Thought I'd better make my first message on here! Rolleyes

For me the best position for being passive is sitting ontop of the guy so that I can control it and look into his eyes and kiss. When active the same plus doggy style and guy laying flat on his chest me ontop!

The funniest place I've done it is in the basement storeroom at work with the new postroom boy who had been flirting with me for weeks.


Well, I guess I should answer my own post.. It just wouldnt be fair...

My favorite position when I'm Top would prolly have to be the other guy laying on his back with his legs in the air. If I'm Bottom then I would have to say me on top of the other guy so I can control it or me just handcuffed to the bed.

I dont get to experiment around here because these guys here are wimps. So I will get back to this section when I find a real man.

The craziest place I've done it at would have to be in a full parking garage after clubbing with people walking all around my truck.

In ther back of a truck in Kileen sounds appealing LMAO


Actually it was in Austin and we were in the inside of the truck but the windows were rolled down halfway.

Nah Killeen sounds more fun lol

lol.. people would talk... Not like I care.. Just they would call us fags and prolly throw stones...

Stick and Stones mister...:biggrin:

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