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Childhood friend and me....something weird is going on
It sounds like you are developing strong feelings for this person. You are 17 years old, you are still running on hormones. Most people don't come to terms with their sexuality until much much later. Everybody is bisexual to some regard, there are just different levels. From what I see here, it seems that there is a romantic attraction, but not yet a sexual one. I wouldn't throw away a great friendship just because you're straight and don't want to be attracted to a guy. It seems to me like he may feel the same way about you. Just test the waters a little. There's nothing wrong with loving another man. Men are strong, confident, goal-oriented, charismatic, and charming people, but capable of deep, emotional bonding. There's nothing wrong with that.

Don't run from your feelings, embrace them. You've been friends for this long, maybe this is the beginning of a lasting true friendship, a romantic relationship, or hell, maybe you're soulmates and you just haven't discovered it yet. Just go with your heart. Smile
Dreamer Wrote:Don't sweat it, and don't question it. Just let it be. There's no reason to distance yourself from him. You're both young, and very close to one another. If things turn sexual, it doesn't necessarily mean you're gay, but even if you or him happened to be, there would be nothing wrong with that either.

You are very fortunate to have this experience, and it may never be repeated. Many men go their entire lives without ever experiencing this level of intimacy with a man OR with a woman.

You can relax - and that will help him relax. I think you can assume that his feelings about this are reasonably close to yours. It's unusual enough that he must have noticed it just the same as you have. He hasn't run away; he hasn't talked about it. You don't need to either.

Don't run - don't talk - don't push - don't pull - let it be -

Let it follow its own course. Best that you don't try to take control. Let the physical and emotional intimacy evolve, and it it eventually becomes sexual, relax and enjoy it. One relationship doesn't define you. It certainly wouldn't be the first time a straight man had sex with another man.

Women/girls do these kinds of things with each other all the time.

It's called showing emotion and having an emotional bond with someone of the same gender.

Why is it that men are expected to never show feelings toward each other?

I guess if you aren't guzzling beer and building things you're gay..

Really though.. nothing you said has been sexual. I don't see how that makes you gay, weird, or anything else. Sure, maybe you guys have a bit of a "bromance", but there's nothing wrong with that.
Don't deny yourself the pleasure of his company. Just go with it and see where it goes.

Close friends are good friends and at the moment that is all you are!

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