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[Curious question] How does it feel to have sex with your identical twin brother?
East, you have to remember that we are the product of our societies.... The two twins that I've heard of engaging in this kind of thing are from the Czech republic where for some 50 years, the whole idea of christianity and religion had been banished. They are the product of a very free-thinking (now) society, or at least the product of a society where such taboos as would have been conveyed in a religious society did not prevail. I am not surprised that they have gone all the way to doing this. I bet there is a market, albeit maybe not a big one, for such a product to exist. In any case, I don't think there is any bodily harm made, and I'm sure these twins know exactly what they are doing. What people might think of them down the line of time, is a different matter. For a while, I wondered whether they would engage in penetrative sex, which didn't occur at first. I think they've gone the whole way now, but after all, since they have had such exposure, is it any worse than doing some of the things contestants are asked to do on FEAR FACTOR? Maybe it is immoral?.?.?.
I would hesitate to use the term "Immoral" because I have personally resisted the attempt from the religious right to define morality for anyone else but themselves...the bumper sticker on my car reads:

The EWWWW factor for me is the thought of having sex with any of my brothers or cousins...they are pretty much all good looking men but the incest taboo is alive and well inside of me I suppose but I can accept other consenting adults who have decided to break down the walls.... assuming there were any walls to begin with I suppose.

I personally believe our souls are always alive and they reincarnate in different bodies and generally you reincarnate on your soul's path with people you are connected with so with that in mind I could understand that maybe there is a soulmate aspect to it...maybe they were lovers or husband/wife in other lifetimes? I am not saying this is the case but this scenario would be something I could understand readily.
are you talking about Elijah Peters & Milo Peters? They are hot as hell!! Just watch one of their "movie"Big Grin
Can not help :">
I think they are the ones we are talking about... Other twins have been photographed together in the buff, but that's maybe less strange.
I just think they are too hot for me to handle. I think that pretty much answer the question @[email protected] Now I have to think about what it feels like to have sex with both of them at the same time =__=
Enlist with BelAmi for a film with them??? Wink
I saw one with triplets being advertised somewhere recently or maybe it was just twins who were so enamoured with each other they found a third look-a-like to make it a true narcissistic orgy:biggrin:
I know there is a gang of triplets who are associated in porn, but I don't generally like the looks of them. They look a bit rough.
princealbertofb Wrote:Enlist with BelAmi for a film with them??? Wink

brilliant idea!! Maybe they need an Asian guy as an oriental spice for their "movie". But it probably hurts to take their 2 twin c... at the same times tho eek:

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