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Did I do ths right thing?
Nothing is wrong with you. Possibly, something is wrong with him - he may be a player (or he may have realized he has no feelings and is therefore frightened).

Your best decision was to move on. Sorry to hear about this Sad.
I knew a guy from a dating community. He lived nearby. Then we met.
I liked him, and totally wodshipped him. That night, he wanted to make out. I actually wanted it to be perfect. I wanted ti know if he liked me.

However, I concluded that he liked me, and we made love. It was a long and hot session, and I could tell he liked it so much. To me, it was a perfect making love ever.

Next days, he seldom replied my text. I then told him that I liked and missed him. And I asked if he felt the same. But he said no comment. He didn't want to get in any relationship yet.

I gave him time while keep contacting him and telling how handsome and meaningful he was to me. However, he never contacted me first, he just replied my text and it's short. Looked like he had no feelings for me.

Today, after a week, I cannot hold it anymore. I fell in love with him, but I think I'd rather walk away if he could not even respect me as I am.

I texted him that I apologized for liking, caring, and having fallen in love with him, and I wished he could find the perfect guy.

Up to now, he didn't reply my last text. Tell me, am I doing wrong with this? I love him, but I' m tired to keep begging for his love.

Thanks in advance.
My dear were just sex for him, I'm's sad..

don't waste anymore time with this guy and try for the next..

unfortunately this happens a lot with dating sites and similar...

you just got to navigate a multitude of guys who just want sex until you find a good one..

my best of lucks to you
I'm so sorry that happened to you. To me, it sounded like he played you to get in your pants. I'm not sure that's why he isn't replying, but it sounds the most plausible scenario to me. You could find him and confront him face to face, ask him to listen and talk about what happened. Or, you can simply ignore him, as he is you. Personally, I would take the 'hell hath no fury' path, but that's me. Again, my sympathy to you, obviously he isn't worth your time or effort.
Hi jimmy, sorry to hear about that.

I dont think your wrong, after making love which is about the closest intimate thing you can do, its not the normal way one should act and is hurtfull, he may even try it again and you will think it will be different but it wont.

If he cared he would of replied to your last text by now.
Thanks guys. I want to move on. Shame on him for wasting my true feeling, how I think of him days and nights.... At least now I can sleep well tonight. Thanks again Smile
I would say Fuck him and move on, but been there and done that it seems. Imu2

Gurl, in my opinion, I would just flip the page in my life book. Our Pages are limited, and they don't need bullshit taking up valuable space.

I'm not sure if its just me, but I tend not to harp too long on things that are superfluous and just move on. I can't be bothered.

If a guy fucked me and decides to not give me any sort of follow up, then he better at least make sure to leave me satisfied, cause I'm entirely liable to just not care lol.

By you seeking him, when its obvious he doesn't want to be saught after, you're just giving him your time and energy that could be spent better elsewhere.

It may be hard, but you haven't a choice anyhow, do you? He doesn't seem interested, and that should tell you he is not the one. Save your emotions for someone who deserves them.

I luh de vibe enuh! Sheep

[Image: Bhq8UAkIUAEuRRT.jpg]

I would run too, if someone kept texting me all of that!!! Thats just creepy!!!

Plus, he is just a liar and a were just a "hole" to him.
@MisterTinkles: not that often. And I just wanted to know how his response so I could know if he liked me too.
Yeah. It's alright. I get over him already.

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