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Docking (scuse me hijacking the boys thread!)
Ok, again I posted this on another forum but recieved no useful reply.

Can any of you guys out there satisfy my (and my work colleagues) curiosity.

One of my senior colleagues at work came in a couple of months ago and said her daughter (adult!!) had overheard a comment about docking. She had gleaned that this was a gay 'pastime' but didn't know what it was, she had asked her mum to ask one of the colleagues, who is an outrageous gay with lots of, lets say, experience. Asking took place, colleague didn't know and we assumed she had misheard 'dogging'. A few days later another colleague said he had heard of it but wouldn't say what it was. Thus ensued much googling and my computer being filled up with pop-ups!!!

To cut a long story short we were all a bit horrified/terrified/confused. None of us (including two gay guys, tho one cut) could work out the real pleasure that could be gained from it and thought it woul be rather painful!!

Have any of you guys tried it and would you care to share the appeal?? Very nosey but hey, if you don't ask you don't get!!!!

P.S. if you don't know what it is feel free to google 'gay docking' but don't hold me responsible!!!!
you cant imagine my disappointment when I learned my guy was CUT... I so wanted to dock with him. Oh well, there are sooooo many other things we can do... I am not even allowed to speak of what I really want to try Cry
To be honest with you, gay docking as a pleasurable pastime is largely misrepresented in my opinion ...

For those of you that don't already know, docking is the process of two men pressing their penises together, and one extending his foreskin over the head (and sometimes some of the shaft) of the other - depends on how much foreskin each person has ...

I had a lad that worked for me that laboured under the misrepresentation that docking is some sort of secret bonding ritual that gay boys do, and he thought it was hilarious ... to me, docking is no more or less established than any other type of sexual contact with another man ... some people go mad for it, some people don't like it - I can take it or leave it myself ...

It is, however, an intimate experience - I'll give it that ...

... as for the pain factor ? As I say, it REALLY depends on two things ... 1) how erect the penises are (as, if they aren't ROCK hard but just engorging themselves with blood, they are more malleable and consequently the foreskin is more plyable); and 2) how much foreskin each of the parties has ...

It is possible for one cut and one uncut person to dock, but the uncut guy would have to have LOTS of foreskin to be able to do it ...

Good question !! Xyxthumbs. I hope to have shed a bit more light on it for you Confusedmile:.


!?!?! Shadow !?!?!

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