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First gay experience
am a straight guy in early 20s. I have always liked girls since I could masturbate. I've loved having sex and dating women, and that will probably never change. However for acouple years I've been curious about having sex with a man, and recently I decided to pull the trigger and go for it.

At first I didn't know how to go about it. I don't know any gay clubs and I'd rather not have anyone find out about it. I ended up anonymously cruising on A certain gay dating app. After a couple of days I met a nice, good looking guy. For the sake of things let's call him Sam. Sam understood where I was coming from and was interested in "helping" me.

One night when I was home from college, I called him up and he came over late at night. I still lived with my parents, so we did it in my furnished basement. When Sam came over I was really nervous. I had to smoke a bit of pot and get a bit drunk to go through with this. Sam was much taller than me and was cute. Kinda looked like Justin long.

Anyways we came down to the basement. My futon was rolled out, and I put some Netflix on to drown out any notice. Sam was eager and a bit forceful but it was a turn on. i walked over to him and he pulled me close and kissed me. He was the first guy I ever made out with. We stood kissing for about five minutes and then we made our way to the futon. We were side by side on the bed while we made out with a lot of tongue. He then reached into my pants to feel my cock. It felt pretty good so I did the same to him. Feeling another man's cock was a strange sensation. It didn't feel like mine and felt rubbery but it was hot. He was slightly bigger than me but it was a perfect size.

Next he pulled me on top of him. We kept kissing while he took my shirt off. He began playing with my nipples. Pinching them and licking them. He went back to kissing me as he began to take off my pants. He was moving pretty fast but it was so hot I didn't care. I was completely naked while he still had his clothes on. He began gently fingering my ass while we kissed deeply. I then took his pants off to get a taste of his cock. I went down on him, I went down on a guy for the first time. He was a bit hairy which kinda bothered me, but the feel of his warm cock in my mouth felt pretty good. He then told me to turn around so he could suck me too.

We laid side by side sucking each other's cock. He was very forceful when he was blowing me. He sucked so hard. It was a weird sensation. Finally I felt it was time so I told him, "I'm ready, please fuck me." I got on all fours while he kneeled behind me. He took the almond oil we used as lube, and put it all over my bare ass. He masseged my cheeks while simultaneously priding my ass with his finger. He then started to finger fuck me with his oily fingers. It felt pretty good.

Finally, after lubing me all up, he started rubbing his cock with oil and prodded my anus. "You ready slut?" He asked. To which I replied, "yes please fuck me. But please be gentle" he then slide his cock deep inside me. My ass was already pretty loose so it didn't feel too bad. Then he slowly started to move. Deep and slow penetration, turned into fast fucking. He fucked me so hard I could barely think. He then would flip me over in different positions. He flipped me on my side, holding up my leg and fucking me that way. Then he slid in in missionary, where he kissed deep with his tongue. I felt like I was just a fuck toy, he was in command. It felt so weird. Then he fucked me again on all fours for about ten minutes. Then he came. He pulled out and came all over my back. I wish I asked him to cum inside me.

It was an enjoyable experience, even though it was kinda dangerous. Although I haven't done anything or any other guy since. I'm not sure my bicurious phase is over. But I'll let you guys know what happens when it does Wink
This one time at band camp...
Use a condom.
Yeah, that was pretty hot Smile
[MENTION=22851]Tim[/MENTION]gasaccount09 A lot of "gay" guys are bisexual, nothing wrong with that. So you have to figure out for yourself what you really want as far as sex and relationships. It is good to experiment and find out what you like...

One thing I will add is that make sure you and/or your partner wear a condom. One mistake can cost you big time.
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
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Nothing wrong with you taking time to figure out what your sexual preference is. Just be careful about it, i.e. protection. Much better to figure it out when you're younger than older.
You are LUCKY! I wish I could have done that, however my first time was only trading oral, minus the cum.. Thinking back though, I WISH I HAD TASTED HIS CUM...
I'm a bi guy personally. My first sexual experiences were with mostly men in college. While I've had more sex with men than women, I think it's mostly because of me being the quiet shy type and not going out mingling. But trust me, hot! Best of luck to you in any future adventures.
.............first gay experience.... asking my date to hold hands with me while watching Frozen at the theaters.
"When you think all is forsaken,
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My first gay experience was making out with what would be my first bf (and soon ex lol) I was...19 or 20 at the time...I had a red Camaro at the time lol
Chickity China, the Chinese chicken
You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'

[Image: 848398.png]
my first gay experience was falling in love with a cartoon character:

[Image: Centurions-Episode-1--The-Sky-Is-on-Fire.jpg]

i remember playing with my self while fantasizing about jake, the guy in the light-brown uniform. Bunny2

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