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First gay experience
You're right! Keep to myself and wonder what the hell is wrong my stupid ass! Sad
If I told of my first time, I'd be banned from Earth and exiled to another place far, far away!
Beautifully (and erotically) dressed always beats undressed!
My first gay experience happened when I was 13. I've been with woman but even back then found men but not other teens boys attractive. I remember the first time a family friend was over cutting the grass. He would come in the side entrance which also had a set of glass french doors.he was a lot older than me. I had been walking by in the hallway and happened to look in through the doors. 

That's when I saw him sitting on the couch. He has unbuttoned his shirt too cool off I assume.So there he sat with his amazing body six pack B's and all. I just watched as he finished unbuttoning his shirt. He looked so hot all sweaty,he cracked a beer and took a swing and lit a cigarette. 

He looked so hot sitting there. I walked away when I came back a little while later he was still sitting there.he saw me looking and called my name. Adolescent hormones and curiosity got the better of me so I went in. That's when I asked me why I was steering at him. That's when I told him the reasons why. How hot I thought he was too. 

He thought about it for a minute then replied by saying to me "funny you say that,cause I think the same about you." He also asked me how if I know what a blow job was. I told him I did,but told him I'd never given one. All these years later I don't know where I got the nerve to say to him "but I'd try giving you one."

Again probably hormones and being horny. Either way he said ok but he said he wouldn't force anything he'd let me do it all. He said the only thing was that he loved the feeling of having it sucked out of him. I replied I don't know since I'd be er done it. But I wanted to do it right. He said to that cool. He unzipped his jeans and he was very well endowd. 

I just did what I had seen in porn and took as much of him into my mouth as I could without choking. He told me how he liked it I just listened. It lasted all of ten minutes. Even though this was my first time giving a blow job I knew he was getting close to cumming. I could feel him penis throbbing and pulsing and I just kept going it felt like it got even harder And thicker and started throbbing faster. He moaned and told me suck and slurp harder faster. Then it happened. I still remember how amazing it felt when he ejaculated into my mouth. His first burst of cum was so much it filled my mouth bulging my cheeks out of their limit. He moaned slurp slurp harder. I just started swallowing while I sucked. My cheeks going down,then another burst And another after that. Three or four altogether. I just slurped sucked and swallowed.i did thin until he he was done cumming. I was so horny and turned on by it. I had my first orgasm ever from it. His hot thick salty cum. He had been thrusting his hips up and down as he shot his load into my mouth when he was drained he just collapsed onto the couch spent. And I remember just looking at him sweaty and spent he just laid there as he smoked the cigarette he just lit. After that I'd give him blow jobs daily sometimes two or three for years. I've been with only a few people but have given a lot of blow jobs. Only my current causal guy is like him. Very similar body I'm a sucker for abs and large penises. This guy is close but no one else could cum buckets like he did.
I was 16 years old when I started dressing up as a girl I went out watch sky we went to the movies and then we went to a motel where he then had sex with me I liked it because he put it inside me
I had my first encounter when I was 15. I had been at the mall and back then--30 plus years ago--guys would post their numbers on a bathroom wall (Sears) to give head etc. I saw it one Saturday afternoon and was a horny 15 year old and wanted my dick sucked--so--I called him. He was really kewl and invited me to his hotel (here in Myrtle Beach) and i went over. He gave me a great bj and let me cum in his mouth--i was embarrassed when I left however by the time I got to my car I was so happy! I had known for about 4 years that I liked guys and now I was so sure. Of course I was so afraid my friends would find out and that is so funny ---because as I have gotten older and come out I love for everyone to know that Im gay and was then too. His name was Don and from that point forward all I wanted was cock!t
Be GAY and be PROUD to be!

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