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Gays caused the tropical storm nearing New Orleans
Bowyn Aerrow Wrote:Every-time I see this subject line I'm taken back to the old days when they ran ads about the gathering storm.

Remember that one?

So it appears they were right, a storm was gathering :biggrin: :o

P.S. Blue take care of yourself, stay dry. Xyxwave

What I hate about ads like that is the lies that they are promulgating.... They say that their lives are going to be changed in ways that are against their rights, but never say in which way this law would affect their lives negatively... Only the woman who is against people teaching her kid in school that gay marriage is all right gives a reason, though it's misguided. How on bloody earth is our marriage going to affect their lives? Ah, yes, we'll pay less tax (that they are benefitting from) maybe?
WE pay less taxes, when one half of a same sex couple dies, the surviving spouse would get survivor's benefits from Social Security, the survivor would get to keep the house they shared, even if there was no will and, of course, it seriously affects breeders if we should be considered family for medical legalities and such.

Remember, these ate the same breeders that think Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because people living there practiced sodomy and, they think all same sex couples practice sodomy so, of course letting us get married would make God destroy them right along with us.

Sure it's silly, but the never claimed to have any common sense.
I know one guy on another message board who claimed that the feds were forcing him (and all right wingers like him) to CELEBRATE homosexuality, not tolerate it. I asked him when the jack booted thugs forced him to march in a gay pride parade but of course he didn't answer.

He also hates taxes with a passion, in fact he definitely hates taxes far more than gays. I pointed out that full equality for gays would mean fewer taxes paid and less money to go to the beast he hates so much, but of course that wasn't a point he was willing to consider.
To be fair to my thinking, I don't hate taxes... We live in a welfare state (with its inconsistencies and flaws) but on the whole sharing the common good is part of our lives in France. We would be very sorry, for one thing, to lose social security and health care for everyone (ok things are not perfect in that sphere, but we strive for them). We'd also be sorry to have to pay for education privately etc... and taxes are supposed to be levied to pay for common use of all public utilities such as roads, hostpitals, schools, sports facilities, to name but a few. The fact that I'm considered single and that my partner does not have access to those facilities because we are not married is what I find unfair, because I pay quite a lot of taxes like most single people (or considered as such). Unfortunately, as things are at the moment, I cannot change my status to ''married''. In the end, we get to understand that we are paying for all the other people's kids and families, while we get practically no discounts or benefits of any sort that might benefit us as a ''family'' too.
I don't want to pay fewer taxes any more than others do. I just want to have a right to be part of how they are used more integrally.

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