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Going to a gay bar for the first time!
The way to handle a drag show is pretend your at the circus as they are the clown and your there to gigle unless your like me where u then become terrified lmao
You could stay at home any other day of the week, be adventures and live life whats the harm
Well there was one guy there that caught my eye the moment I walked in. He was a younger guy, probably 19 or 20 cause he wasn't drinking. But he was cute as hell, blonde hair and a cute as hell smile. The only real down side to it was he was dancing with every guy in there including the Jell-O shot boy with the really short shorts who incidentally got on my nerves big time. While I'm not even looking for a one night stand, or even a long term relationship at this point, if I were with a guy and I saw him dancing with another guy I'd be extremely jealous. Guess I'm an old fashion "dance with the one you came with" kinda gay guy! LOL

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