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How come we haven't got a disco music thread?
One for You, One for Me
cheeky sexy dancers chorus girls or disco divas

better sounding version

and Sandstorm

& Disco Roller

Baby Make Love

GIBSON BROTHERS.... We can't forget them...

Ooh, What A Life - Gibson Brothers 1979

and their real hit CUBA with a neat video (sound not so good as below)

better sound for CUBA

Qué sera mi vida?

better sound

G.q. -- disco nights

and Boogie Nights - Heatwave '1976

Commodores - The Bump ( + 5% r.p.m. )

Do The Hustle

Disco 70' - Andrea True Connection - More, More, More

This is very kitsch,

for something more sophisticated have a look at the 80s Bananarama version.

Practically no tone change in this PARADISE EXPRESS but there's some breaks that make it interesting

More Italo Disco
Gino Soccio -- Dancer

LIPPS INC.... FUNKY TOWN ( fun choreography!)

Tina Charles - I love to love (1976)

oh the voice gimmicks like the whooooo!
or the get get get get down
get get get, get get get get

Talking of song gimmicks how about the MICHAEL ZAGER BAND's
"Ooey, ooey!"
"Let's All Chant"

the next one is not the original one but a remix but has some nice male bodies writhing in it so if you're tempted by a little voyeurism ...

They often ruin what made the charm of the original song when they remix;.. what do you think?
The amusing dance gimmicks (Cute black sailors) of Kelly Marie's
It Feels Like In Love

and the classic RUN TO ME with the jaunty percussion section

and her famous high notes...
Shalamar uptown festival


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