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How do you meet someone if you are not out?
Im really curious because I am not out and I've never really ran into anyone gay..

The guy im currently with and possibly in love with I met online (this was my first time ever online, we originally met to hook up, and we've been doing so ever since) Also hes 4 years older then me...

The only place I can really think off is like dating sites and craigslist (even though craigslist seems kind of trashy, is that true from what I heard?)
"we originally met to hook up"
its your body but please consider condoms and getting a regular 6mo ck-up at the free clinic. good to start now, this is your new life boy. people will tell you anything if you believe them so its up to you.

"The only place I can really think off is like dating sites and craigslist"
Craigslist is sorta burnt out. Try Grinder Scruff. make the online situation where your controlling the situation. Find / locate the local LGBT center where you live, 4example in Denver; they have a teen center and or volunteer. find the gaybrohood where you live, this is your home. there may be stuff where your going to school. get a membership at 24HourFitness, a national chain will follow you where ever you live, goto their store in the above baybro.

"guy im currently with and possibly in love"
Hookups are necessary but you said your seeing someone now. is he going out with other boys. define the issue; cant be he is 4years older because 10years is the typical limit. love the one your with boo. if you care for him, think it through and tell him.
Hey I'm from Jersey. Exit 148. Long before Governor McGreevey announced he was a proud gay American every gay guy in Jersey knew he was gay. He liked to visit bars with twinks on his arm. We all commented the governor sure like them young.

If your 18 and real cute I bet our former governor will go out with you. Oh yeah and don't forget to bring a friend. He often left bars with 2 or 3 boys at a time, We used to wonder if his wife enjoyed feeding so many young guys.

Jersey ain't as hip as Manhattan.. But a lot of gay guys can afford the rent in Jersey. There are a lot of us here but we avoid looking too effeminate. You know how Jersey strait guys are. I would hate to be gay and wear 26 pounds of gold chains around my neck.

Kid I don't date Nicky Newark types.

Screw the internet. Jersey gays are more fun in person. We play a lot of sports in Jersey. Look around for us. We don't bite.

I bet Jersey has the highest percentage of gays and lesbians in the nation, I moved here in 1995 and saw nothing gay. I assumed if we acted gay Saturday Night Live would make fun of Jersey gays. We're not good enough to be NY gays. Someone said my new neighbor Sal was gay. I was confused. I always saw Sal with his ex-wife and daughter. I was told Eddie was his lover. I gulped. I thought Eddie was a member of the Mafia. There were 250 units and in a few short years I found out over half the tenants were gays or lesbians. We simply don't act gay because we dislike the hassle of being insulted. There are also a lot of assholes in Jersey. Gays and lesbians far outnumber assholes in Jersey. We have the best educated people in America and no one calls Jersey voters ignorant. Kid you have been dealing with gays your whole life. We just don't advertise in Jersey. Tell anyone in Jersey that you would sorta like meeting a guy. Nine out of ten of us will tell you where to try. Internet is for losers who are afraid to ask around. Go for it. We are not even famous for being bullies in Jersey.

Ask quietly at the nearest library. I was a Jersey librarian. I liked to find anything a patron was looking for. Young black gays came to our library because they were afraid of what other blacks might think. No one will make fun of you at a library. We aren't built like that. Avoid the internet in NJ. The internet truly sucks. Our most famous resident is Bruce Springsteen even he will be helpful to you. ASK AROUND and talk to real people. Kid there is someone dying to meet you in Jersey.

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