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I'm a closeted gay and I like a Straight (closeted?) guy - Help!
Hi Adam and welcome to GS. I'm interested in learning a bit more about you before being sure about any feedback on your post beyond what a great detailed post! It's not too much or trivial when it is your life and you are clearly on the border of that explains it. You do a great job expressing the situation and I suspect that is because you have invested so much energy in your passive thoughts and feelings and desires for this guy. So, what about you and being closeted?

If you were to passively hint something to him or jokingly propose "fooling around since nobody will EVER find out" (not that you really would have the nerve, but just for this discussion's sake) what would you do if he took you up on it and then said "this is just a one time thing, I'm not gay and I don't want this to ever happen again?," and the next question, what if he expressed a desire for you to come out with him to be a couple? How would you handle the very limited fling and how would handle the request to come out?

I like your comment about your post being cliche but I don't want to minimize or downgrade the importance of your post. This stuff can be debilitating and/or exhillarating!! Wavey
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