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I'm not sure about posting but..
Accident? What do you mean?
Accident as in the top gets a little poop on him, or a bit comes out when he pulls out. No big deal, it happens once in a while. Just clean up any mess and go have a shower or bath.
You mean doing this can decay my evacuation system?
Tune in to your body and learn to listen to your body. If you can do that you might not need to do anything else.
No, anal play will not affect your evacuation system. Just for some of us, enemas and all of that extra cleaning aren't a big deal, we don't care if a little poop gets on us, or on the sheets. I know a lot of guy do care so, unless I know my partner doesn't mind, I will do an enema or douche first. Never had a long term partner that cared and, when it ins't a big deal to either of you, you just go for it and never mind all the washing and flushing.
in the long term, does it effects your body?
Not in any significant way. Sure with a ton of experience the muscles relax a tiny bit easier, but it isn't really noticeable. It does not affect daily bodily functions.

The only way it could have a lasting effect is if you repeatedly failed to use lubrication and, got a lot of tears over many years to the point that a significant amount of scar tissue formed inside your rectum and, that is very unlikely to happen. you'd have to like pain and be really careless to make that happen.
okay thank you all so much again.

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