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I need some help fighting back against Muslims/Pakistanis
I feel like a lot of people are defending and pandering Muslims. But I want to make people aware that a lot of shit (racism/colourism) exists between Pakistanis and South Indians.

I grew up in West London, where Indians, Jews, and a lot of East Asians live; North Indians and South Indians get along as if no differences existed, and I call myself 'Indian' without any problems (I am of Sri Lankan ancestry).

Muslims (Pakistanis/Bangladeshis) live on the opposite side of London, with Blacks in an area called East London, and we don't really mix. I've only ever had one Pakistani acquaintance in my entire life.

I say this as a second-generation private-schooled youth who grew up in a middle-class area with predominantly white friends: a lot of shit exists between Pakistanis and Indians. Pakistanis are still very racist and colourist towards South Indians. The majority of hate-shit on the internet is from Pakistanis.

There's is so much shit involved, I can't type it all up because it would take up at least two pages. But it would really help if South Indians got some help fighting back against Pakistanis; the majority of the time, I get pushed aside because 'Muslims obviously get it bad' but it's very alienating as a South Indian.

They have a stereotype in London: "chavvy". It's hard to translate into American English, but it describes the differences between Indians and Pakistanis, and it's important because it pretty much relates to Pakistanis worldwide.
This is the wrong forum for race wars between Pakistanis and Indians.
So why does this affect you and you have been private schooled. Seems like the first mistake. We, I mean the people of the world, that live to find a peaceful option to the ongoing chaos in the world, do not condone those who preach hate. Try and consider their lives and why they feel the way they do. I would start that journey be looking in the mirror, just my thoughts, James
[Image: images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcRz-Six7p24KDjrx1F_V...A&usqp=CAU]
Eh, honestly if a country itself is violent, it is up to the country itself to correct that, without a foreign power coming in hog wild to try to tame another's issues, when in reality those will just become worse for the intervening country...
It might not be pleasant but it is part of growing pains when you integrate different cultures and ethnicities...

Look at New York and the neighborhoods....

My Dad was estranged from his Grandma..because in the all German neighborhood we lived in she was suspicious of Italians and all his best friends were Italian...and so was all the neighborhood where they lived...Italian.

A couple of generations has pretty much died a natural has a lot of other "fueds'...

My advice to you In the part of the solution and not part of the problem and the transformation will be a lot quicker...

Actual change happens one person at a time. Be part of the change.

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