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I want a North Korean boyfriend
MisterLonely Wrote:For some reason I'm attracted to guys who need "help" in some way or form. You know... guys who are vulnerable and could use some lovin'.

That's my type of man, cuz I want to nurture him like a baby. It's my way of expressing my love for him. Liefde

Awww Treating him like a baby. It sounds so sweet~~
If you're actually serious, and not just posting as a joke, then I applaud your vision and willingness to live life on your own terms. That is what courage and leadership are made of. And it is truly remarkable and laudable. And someone should do something and help gay men in countries like that.

However, I doubt you're actually serious, or willing to go through with the effort this would take to make it true. This would be a considerable undertaking requiring resources, intelligence, and time that frankly nobody less than an outstanding personality measuring up to historical greatness would care to do. It's also naive and selfish to think that just because you will save someone from repression, that they will be your boyfriend or that it would work as a relationship.

The idea of helping homosexual men in repressive countries is praiseworthy, but this is not how you go about finding a boyfriend for yourself.
''Do I look civilized to you?''
As admirable as it is to want to help guys in North Korea, it is not the best way to try and get a boyfriend. Many people may wish to leave there but the regime will have lasting mental damage and leave them with massive trust issues. There's a massive list of complications that would need to be overcome.

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