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Im in love with a straight man.
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Please keep in mind infatuation, lust, and love are three different things as well as there are many different levels of love for example, the love of family, the love of good neighbor's, the love of being cared about. However, to want to live your entire life with someone is a different love and sometimes takes time to know the difference, just my thoughts, Jim
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It’s definitely love for Guy Fieri. But I admit the Penn and Teller crush is based in pure, raw, sexual lust.

I read Fox News everyday because they are fair and balanced. They recently had an article highlighting Guy. I think he is the cure to healing the divisions of this country.

What he is doing to support people in the restaurant industry is awesome. As a foodie, I support the food industry and I’m interested in the new format of Guys Grocery Games, which remains my favorite show in the entire history of entertainment.
(08-23-2020, 01:20 AM)Emiliano Wrote: I read Fox News everyday because they are fair and balanced.


Well here he is...all hot and sweaty...and probably bothered too.

[Image: 13040969_10208485619193535_6536386712514...e=5F68AA95]

[Image: 10896190_10207060181038472_1131985968026...e=5F661751]

And you know just how much he loves his eggs...

[Image: 12030437_10207107742987491_8626977058430...e=5F67E48A]
Guys Wet apple pork paste is a WAP I can get into
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