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Is this wrong?
Well I've moved on, this time to someone I've liked for quite some time. He doesn't know me too well, but he is bi and has a girlfriend. He is so gorgeous. Is it bad that I'm crushing on him while he's in a relationship?
It may be "bad" for you in the sense that if he is in a committed relationship already, you may get your heart broken by loving him.
probably bad but you know better than any of us if it is a wast of time, you can only make a move when he brakes up with the current gf. Become his friend and wait it out?

what ever it takes to stand on your feet again after a breakup tho.
Feelings are mostly irrelevant, IMO, it's how you act on them that counts. So in this case crushing on him isn't bad (other than frustrating) but acting on those feelings unethically would be.

But if it helps, try to remember that the fantasy is almost always far better than the reality (that is, beware what you wish for, you just might get it to your regret). And for many people, crushes come & go all too easily.
id say yeah its wrong ,, let him know how u feel for sure but dont put yoourself in the middle of his relationship ,,, a person with feeling is going to be hurt !!! if he decides to leave that person for you then great for you,, but let him a make his own mind up
play with fire and you just might get burned...Respect yourself! Remybussi
Heart  Life's too short to miss an opportunity to show your love and affection!  Heart
I would have to agree with Pix. The feelings you are having aren't bad and it is quiet normal to crush on someone, anyone.

It would become a bad thing if you interfere with a person's current relationship.

Hang back and don't limit yourself to one person because you are crushing on them, there is a reason why some people are not available to you, and that is because there is always someone else around the corner that is right for you Wink
Well going by your signature, when or if he does leave you a bad tast in your mouth you wouldn't have time to hate him, you'll be too busy loving him. Confusedmile:

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