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Leave someone who is untidy?
I'm perhaps a bit like Generesis. My room is like my personality, a mess :biggrin: Or well... I wouldn't say that its unhealthy untidy. Perhaps clothes on the floor, 2 glasses, perhaps an empty plate, some dust here and there and some rubbish (Candy wrappings perhaps) and my always unmade bed, but I wouldn't say mold, food, things that smell. I'm well aware about hygiene, as a chef I know how important it can be with keeping it clean, but meh its not like I'm preparing anything in my room or so. Somethings can't I stand having unclean, like a toilet or the kitchen, where things can root and become literally repulsing if not properly handled.
Sometimes you need a bit of chaos in your life to be able to shrug off pitiful disdain about something meaningless.
Pix nice insightful post. I like how you manage to make good out of meager resources. It is very appealing and attractive. I suppose you are right for the most part about "women in general" and if it's any consolation I'd share how THANKFUL I am my mother worked me to the point of resentment. Now I fair very well thanks to her training. I'd LOVE the chance to show her my gratitude once more. I can tell you're a good mom. Xyxthumbs ...and any partner would surely benefit from your admirable attitude.

My dishes still have not been washed however so alas I'm left to consider risking vermin as my bf is allergic to Dawn of all makings! LOL
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