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Meet A Great Guy, Makes more then me?
Hey Guys,

So I am back into the dating world after taking a break for a couple years, I am a masc laid back guy and I have a hard time meeting guys that I can relate to and am attracted. I recently met and went on a date with a guy who I think is great. Hes smart, funny, attractive and it just feel like it fits right if you know what I mean. The only thing that I am hesitant about is the fact financially he is in a much different bracket then me. Don't get me wrong I have a good job and make decent money, Just not on his level. I have been to his place and its really nice and has valet parking if you catch my drift. Any tips on how to address this when the time is right? Should I bring it up as something that is on my mind so it doesn't cause trouble if things where to get serious? I don't want to get into the situation where I am spending beyond my means just to try to impress him. Our first date was very chill we took a walk on a hiking trail and talked then had dinner at a nice restaurant. I guess I need advise on how to talk about it at some point so we are on the same page about things. Anyone been in a similar situation? Thanks Boys
Money can be an issue and is often cited as the number one problem with couples.....

I think being honest about it with him when the time arises is the best course of action.

One of my relationships was with a guy who was wealthy and it was an issue for both of us eventually. He wanted to pay for me to go here and there and I wanted to pay for myself...which I couldn't always afford. I might have let him pay if he didn't remind me all the time how much he spent on this and that. We had other issues though which were bigger than the money thing.

As with everything else...communication is probably the key.
if he suggests places that are too expensive then try to offer an alternative and just tell him your budget doesn't stretch as far as the expensive place, the sooner he understands that you are happy to go within your budget and that its him you like to be with and not the fancy places he can afford to take you then you have a great chance of a long term relationship - he must realise that his job is very well paid compared to most so he shouldn't be shocked by you explaining .. good luck
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
At this time ... you do not know if this is.. or will become an issue.

You are reacting because you are intimidated.

What matters here is you can support yourelf.. do nce things with and for him .., nothing over the top or elaborate.
In my book thats prfect.

If it turns out he expects you to empty your savings to impress him..

He would be high maintenance and clearly not your type.
It's hard to say without knowing the guy. Maybe he doesn't care if you wear a rolex or a $10 watch from the grocerystore. Maybe he does care? Maybe he cares because his friends do.

However, spending money to impress somebody doesn't work! Unless they're golddiggers... Just think it through and if it ever becomes an issue, you'll have your views prepared.
anocxu your made me realize something, your right I'm intimidated....I don't get the impression he cares at all how much money I have. I guess it's just me being intimidated and I just need to get over it. He's very smart and owns his own large company's. Him being smart is a huge turn on for me. Well guys wish me luck.
As East said it so well, you need to set the record straight from the start or you'll end up owning the guys some cash that you don't have. The situation you're being in happened to me when first I met Jake, oh he did not tell me right away that he was loaded, I found out a bit later, about 8 months after we were together I started being suspicious and also worried. Jake likes to keep it low profile, for him flashing his wallet in the face of everyone isn't something he likes to do because people do not judge you by your actual qualities, but more what you worth, and I believe that his qualities worth much more than the millions he owns - yes he's not just rich, he's filthy rich.

The first time I met him, he didn't have his car, we were at a party and since he was planning on drinking, he opted for a taxi, and that night I was so wasted he offered me to share the ride, and I couldn't refuse, however, I didn't know that night that he took me for a taxi ride completely to the opposite of where he was actually living, which means that he dropped me first, made sure I was safe and sound at home and took back the very same taxi and left for his place. The next day, he called me to take some news and set an appointment together so he could bring back my jacket that he kept. He came with his car that time, which was a very nice Nissan Pathfinder, well Nissan Pathfinder isn't much of a luxury car, but, his car wasn't the oldest model either, so obviously he had a great job, he was indeed making more money than I did back then, since he was 29 and I was 19 and I'm not like him coming from the top 20 wealthiest Canadian family.

At first, Jake kept things very hidden, he would always ask me where I wanted to go, because the restaurants he knows were way over my budget, he had a nice but yet very humble apartment (just learned later that the whole building belonged to him LOL). When the first time he asked me to move in with him, this was well a year and half after we met, I was all happy to move in a nice and well maintained apartment.

When he came to pick me up the day of moving, He came with a huge Lincoln Navigator and a trailer, he drove 45 minutes away from where I used to visit him and when he entered its driveway, I was looking at a huge house, 4 cars, large terrain. I asked him where the fuck were we. And he just replied "Welcome home Alex, baby."

I was flabbergasted, a bit frustrated too, because after a year and half of being my boyfriend, he never cared telling me that he had so much money, never even told me completely that the company he was working for was his own company and he said that all this was his mother's, but no, all this was his.

I felt a bit betrayed, but Jake asked me a good question that very same day; if you knew that I owned all this, how would you have treated me? And I got to admit, I would have treated him much differently, the only thing that changed was that my boyfriend was loaded beyond my wildest dream. And, I asked him not to spoil me, I hate that. He did well through the year and still Jake isn't too much of a flasher, he can buy a Lamborghini tomorrow, but, believe it or not he hates those cars LOL.

So OP, do set the record straight, your friend isn't my dude, some rich guys do like to flash their wealth, and as you mentioned a guy that keeps on telling you what this worth and what not, will eventually put a price on you too.
epr7339 Wrote:anocxu your made me realize something, your right I'm intimidated....I don't get the impression he cares at all how much money I have. I guess it's just me being intimidated and I just need to get over it. He's very smart and owns his own large company's. Him being smart is a huge turn on for me. Well guys wish me luck.
Wouldn't want you missing out because of a misconception. .

In all honesty. .. this might not be the last guy you'll date that makes more money than you do...

In order to give both of you a fair chance...Don't make this an issue unless it becomes one.

So he makes more money... Big deal!
Ever thought. ..between the both of you ...
You could be the well rounded one..
The kinder of the two..
More passionate..
The one with the tighter butt or bigger penis? .. [emoji12]

Bottom line... you will never know till you do.

Ps. You mentioned how smart he is..
So maybe he would have been more specific in choosing a date if wealth was his concern?

I hope he sweeps you off your feet.. (and gets you pregnant)
Did you ever watch those old "Bewitched" re-runs?

He has what they called "Rich-Craft". Like witches, he can have whatever he wants... it just takes a little longer than witch craft. Wink

Like Samantha, being able to have THINGS isn't enough for him. He wants YOU. He can give himself whatever objects he wants. He doesn't need you to try to impress him with gifts. He wants what his money can't buy... YOU. Emotions. Feelings. Romance.

Stop being a Dur-Wood !!! Wink

[Image: tumblr_mzpjv1wahY1sp6e2vo1_250.gif]

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