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Moderator - Sorry for double posting
I tried 3 times to post something, then finally saw message that it had to be moderated first. Sent this to apologize to moderator for triple posting. Then, this post get posted. First time user here.
Dint worry about the triple posting buddy - Gay speak doesn't have moderators , it does have Andy the site owner who set up a script where new members have to have a certain amount of posts vetted first = its to prevent trolls and abusive postings , its a necessary part of the site as you can imagine that a gay friendly site would attract a far amount of abusive people ( it has in the past ) they get bored and leave usually as they cant post till a certain amount has been reached so nobody gets to see the abuse - hope this helps .... im sure others will post giving more help though
"when u wake up with me ....I'll be your glass of water"
Thanks. I wrote a very serious post that was pretty long. Tried to submit it twice, with no success. On the third try, I noticed a fleeting pop-up that said it had to be approved.

Then, I figured I'd make another post explaining to the moderator. But, that post (very short) did get published, even though I didn't expect it to. Hence, this weird post.

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