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My good friend is a compulsive liar what can i do?
Just some random thoughts:
*by lying he's trying to create an illusion that he is better than the true self he actually sees
*since you think the friendship is important and worthwhile to keep, try pointing out to him things that he is good at, that he does have going for him --> the positive truths about himself
*maybe this way over time, you can give him a boost to his self-esteem and in turn, show him the lying isn't necessary

IDK, I hope it all works out for you.
According to reference material on compulsive lying most people who practice this terribly bad habit have an insecurity issue or have been brought up in environments where lying is the norm and it's not really their fault. If I were his friend I would probably wait until you are both in a comfortable mood and settled and then bring up the subject. Assure him that you really are his friend and will stand behind him no matter what.Let him know how much longer it takes to become great friends especially when one is telling so many falsehoods. Try to get to the root of the problem and if you can- be sympathetic as well as compassionate.What he's doing may be causing suffering on his part also.If it were me I'd probably say "You know You shine.You really do but if the lies keep going the way they have it's gonna take us longer to become friends. I just don't know if I can make the time for that sort of thing" All through your conversation stay calm think before you speak.Next time he tells a lie in front of you correct it.Like everything lying can also just be a bad habit that needs to be broken.Good Luck!

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