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My poor baby kitten died today
Hello all,
My sweet little lady, Blackie, died today. She was ten years old and in good health, I had thought, but yesterday I noticed that she was sick and I took her to the doctor. I knew that something was wrong because she has slept on my pillow every night since before I can remember, but she stopped 3 days ago and went into "hiding". The first day I couldn't find her, m husband and I looked and looked for her, until finally we found her under some boxes of winter cloths that were in the spare bedroom. She looked and acted fine after we found her and my husband suggested that perhaps she just needed space. However, over the next 2 days my suspicions increased. She would not come to me when offered treats and would not eat. My husband and I argued because she LOOKED like she was healthy, but finally yesterday I demanded we take her to our vet because she seemed to be wobbling when she tried to stand and walk; at this point my husband became concerned too. We really do have a fantastic vetinary office less than a mile from our home that has really caring and professional care-givers (Seas Island Vetinary, if anyone is near here and needs a good vet).
We took Blackie in and the vet ran a barrage of tests on her. He said that she was suffering from anemia, with a red bloom count of 20 when it should be between 27 and 40. He kept her for the afternoon so he could give her fluids via IV and feed her iron rich food by syringe. When we picked her up at 5:30 (8 hours after we brought her in) she seemed MUCH better. The Vet sent us home with high iron pet food that we were to give her every 6 hours.
This morning, after his shower, my husband went to check on her and came running back to get me. She was like a rag doll. She must have been waiting for me, because when I picked her up she licked my hand and purred.....and then she stopped breathing.
...out of words now. I just had to tell someone that my little loved died today. She was such a good girl and I love her and she loved me and my heart is breaking. I held her for the next 4 hours until my husband took her from me. I knw he was right do take her to the crematorium, I know I had to let her little body go, but even though I know these things my heart doesn't and I am screaming inside with the pain.
I know that a lot of people won't/wouldn't care about my little love leaving this world. I didn't post this for anyone else though. I live in a quite house, in a quiet neighborhood. In my mind there is something else. Screaming. Crying. Misery. My little love is dead and I am so vbroken.
Life is beautiful, and wonderful, and strange. Cool
Very sorry to hear about your loss, Beaux. These little creatures are like our babies. Hope you manage to get over it, in time and maybe get a new kitten? Bighug
I'm so sorry for your loss Beaux. Our pets are little people and work their way into our family and our lives. You are in my thoughts Bighug
My condolences. Bighug
My sympathies. I'm sorry you lost your four legged friend. She will be waiting at the rainbow bridge for you.
Beaux...I am so sorry Bighug I know how heartbreaking it is.
Beaux Wrote:... She must have been waiting for me, because when I picked her up she licked my hand and purred.....and then she stopped breathing ... I held her for the next 4 hours until my husband took her from me
I still have the box of ashes from Catsmileymine.

sorry for you.
Sorry to hear of your loss Beau :frown:Bighug
I've just been through our friend Michael's loss of his beautiful mastiff... He was killed by neglect from an airline. That has been really tough too... So I can just imagine, Beau.
My condolences ... I know how hard it is.

I have learned in a lot of years that every life is only lent. We have to care for our animals and we have to do everything to give them a good time.... but it is our Duty to let them go and end their lifes if the nature want her right and calls the life back. From this time we can only be there and escort the life back home.....
You did what you can.... more is not possible.
But you should the love you have inside you not let just go .... give this love to a other creature who needs love .... animal shelters are full of this lifes ....
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