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Need advice about sex life been seeing someone older

As you may know I'm from SoCal and I need advice. I'm going through a stage of confusion about feelings toward someone I been seeing lately. Okay first of all I'm 21 years old. And I'm into more mature men. I met someone online near me he is 48 years old very handsome and put together not a nut case. However we are not dating when I met him we agreed upon being regular hook up buddies. And we been getting together 2-3 times a week. He is so nice to me it makes me feel special! but for the next two weeks he is out of town visiting family for the holidays. He has text me telling me he misses me and I usually get text from him saying things like "I love you" etc.... The thing is is he starting to think of this as a relationship? I'm not ready for that. It's not that I'm not the relationship type, its just that I don't really know what I want right now :frown: I admit I have feelings for him. What is your take on this? We get along really well and can talk for hours.
Maybe talk to him about what you're feeling. If you're casual hook-up buddies, you should be able to just lay it out there without him being offended. Say that you don't know what you want and you enjoy his company and maybe we can just stick to being hook-up buddies until you feel more comfortable moving forward.
All this setting out of conditions neatly and tidily assumes we never change. All relationships are dynamic and it makes sense to have that little conversation from time to time to make sure you are both in a place where you are comfortable.
Talk to him it is the best way be honest

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