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One Sided Relationship?
 know is that I am not happy right now, something isn't quite right 

I think that you should listen to your instincts and inner voice - something isn't right. It is always nice to figure it out so you can learn from it but if not - just trust yourself. If you can't trust your mind - DO trust your gut. 
@eastofeden Thanks. That was the oddity. My friend who has been dispensing me advice on things was against me having anything to do with this guy. However, I never got bad vibes from the guy I'm dating and still don't. I don't feel that he's taking advantage of me or using me or anything like that but I did feel that something was off about him not wanting to visit. I don't know why he had a hard time telling me that he didn't feel ready to meet my parents and there being a lack of things to do and his vehicle situation. I'm fine with it, just not used to there being an issue with a guy visiting me. That being said, he has his own place and the Atlanta area has a lot more stuff to do than my neck of the woods. Other couples have had similar arrangements where one visits the other and no so much the other way around. It made sense to me to alternate back and forth in past relationships because my exes also lived at home with their folks. So I got hung up in that.

That whole thing has been worked out. There are things about him that he explained to me that I won't share on the forum. Things that I, without being told, got a completely different idea. So the thing about trusting your gut is true but also not to get inside your head and try to figure out what's going on without any information.

He's a good guy, very sweet and emphatic towards others but has been through some shit in previous relationships.

Since we have had our talks I feel better in my head and things otherwise have been good and last couple weekend we have been able to spend a fair but of quality time together.
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