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One sided crush
Hey everyone first time posting here but I needed to get this off my chest where it be understood.

I hate to say it but I'm a hopeless romantic . Every cute guy I meet in life I end up having a crush on and want to be closer then needed. Only problem is, the guy I crush on is always straight and one of my friends. They never feel the same way back and If I dare to admit the crush they change the subject and pretend it never happened. Getting sick of my hopeless fantasies that surround me every time I see them. The only way so far I get them out of my head is writing romance books based off each of my crush. But so far it's feeling redundant and I not sure if I can take it anymore before I flip out on them and ruin my friendship altogether.

Not sure what to do. Sad

Well first of all you won't catch many fish in a desert.
Inotherwords to meet a gay guy you have to find where they hang out and that means online, in gay clubs and bars or in certain societies. That is the answer really.

I can identify with you though and empathize but you might spend more time looking in the right places rather than hanging out with the straight guys. Don't get me wrong. Straight guys are cool but will never fullfill your emotional needs.

Good luck and I hope this helps?
breathe and realize you are still young..

are you in college? that's a hell of a good place to meet other gay folks and maybe date within that available market..

I used to crush incesantly on straight guys..I got pass it will too.

maybe, if you can join an LGBT group or a center if they have those where you live
take it slowly..... don't play with the fire... you might get burned at the end..
It's not a bad thing to have a crush on someone straight... But don't expect much since he's straight..

Sometimes, crushing on straight guys would be good since they can be inspirations for you to go to school everyday, should be aware that relationship with them won't be possible..

What can i say is to admire them, but that's it. Don't be too attached cause it will just hurt you in the end..and maybe bitter when time comes he would have his girl friend...

And you're young...moments like that would pass.
To the OP,

You're not alone in feeling like this. Most of the guys who I've had
deep crushes on were straight and were also a friend.

Someone already mentioned it, but it's okay to admire them, think
they're good looking and try to be a good friend to them, but you gotta
realize that he's straight and he'll never be 'that guy'.

It especially hurts when you see them with their girlfriend. It's the most
heart wrenching, heart sinking type of feelings, something I'm all too familiar

In the end you just have to be happy to see them happy and be content with

This is basically the story of my life since like forever... But apart from that I can't really help cuz I'm still caught up on straight guys...
This is an "oh too common" state of mind for most all younger guys. You "fall" for the first nice guy who comes along......does not matter who he is. You have all of these romantic thoughts and feelings like he's going to feel the same way as you.....and it just does not happen.

You have to learn to control your feelings and emotions, otherwise you are going to end up feeling like this with EVERY guy you meet and like. And you will continually be crushed because they dont return the same feelings and emotions.

Be happy you have a friend. Dont push it. There is a lot of time in the years to come, to figure out how and who to catch for a boyfriend. For right now, just make friends and learn how to control your feelings and emotions.

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