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Printing Credit Card Size "Tiles" in Word...
Merry Saturday everyone and to wiccans and neo-pagans a Happy and Blessed Imbolc!

I have a technical question for those of you who are technically minded in the use of Microsoft Word for Windows 7.

I've just started a new job with a number of others and want to write down certain procedures on a credit card size tile which I can then cut out and laminate.

I want to produce several of these tiles on one piece of A4 paper but can't remember how to do it. Is there something in Print Options or is there somewhere else I need to look.

I'm going to save the file to a USB stick and print from elsewhere than home.

Thanks in advance!
Buy a Mac ;-)

Just kidding..I think there is an option on Word to go something like this (Mac user alert here, so may not be completely accurate) Click on File-->New-->Template. That should get you to a host of different options, and one of those should be Business Cards.

It has nothing to do with print options.

Adobe any of the CS has this feature available, as well as MS Office .
You can even download templates from MS.
Thanks everyone for your responses, especially you OlderButWiser.

It wasn't *Exactly* what I was looking for but as near as damn well like it!!!

I found lots of other formats for lots of other documents, so I'll be playing around with them - a lot!

Thanks again!

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