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Relationship gone south(long post)
you should probably stay together rather
That's sad. :frown:
I am saddened by it, but I believe it is for the best.
if you like cold why are you there?is it cold?
That' very sad.
You remembere my relationship and yours were going the same way and we commented few times how similar they were. Now I see you did the same what my boyfriend did. One sided break up, but I don't judge you at all, I don't judge my own boyfriend either. If you don't want to feel like being in relationship you can't force yourself. He made his decision and you made yours.
Did you two met in person or you were talking on phone?
Even reading your last post I felt my boyfriend did the same. " I cried a bit." He cried while talking to me but I'm sure he was over with it soon while I stopped crying only few days ago.
"Right now I am relieved to have all that was said off of my chest, but I now feel a little empty. I think I should stop trying to talk to other guys for awhile, but I really doubt I will do that." After break up he did relieve I'm sure and even though he told me he wouldn't date anyone for some time I think he's still on dating website.
" I still love him, but I am not in love I suppose." He told me the same that he loved me very much in a special way but didn't want to be boyfriend anymore.

I don't know what to suggest you, probably in few days you'll realize it better and then you can enjoy freedom and being single and try to find someone more suitable then your ex.

What I ask you to do is, don't disappear from the life of your ex. If he truly loved you he will be very sad and down for upcoming days and maybe weeks so if you send him message after some time asking how is he, that'll be nice of you.
It has been interesting because I want to talk to some about it, but I don't really have anyone to go to now. It wasn't really a one-sided breakup either, we both saw we were holding on for the wrong reasons. I have been sad today. A lot of the music and shows I watch I discovered because of him so it makes me teary eyed. I feel more alone than I have in a long time, but in time I think everything will get better.
Yes, you'll get better. and probably he will find his way as well.
I know what you mean by that. I have teary-eyes everyday since mid October because we've been so close and we've done so much together with my ex, everything reminds me of him.
I wish you all the best and what I'd wish myself.
Hang in there mate , things will get better .
We are all here for you.

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