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This one can be very dumb, I am separated and living in my own place but before this I was living with my wife for 15 years, in your opinion what this make me, when do you think you can say you are single?, obviously, I can't say I am in an open relationship at this stage or you should wait till get the divorce,
I'd say that would be up to the individual. What does your heart tell you? What do your values tell you? Generally, when in doubt, don't. But then again I had a wonderful professor who countered, "Bull, when in doubt, whip it out." So, in the end, only you can decide what's right for you.

It took me almost four years of separation before the divorce and then another year before "single". It took my brother two weeks. hmmmm Wavey
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I would say that if you are sure it's over with your wife for good, which it sounds like you are, then you are single but not looking for more than friends at this point.
You can just be honest and say you are separated from your spouse. I think the ethics of it would depend on whether it is a "trial separation" or a separation as a formality leading to a definite divorce.
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You are separated and free.
If you feel uncomfortable then you can wait for the divorce.
the court will tell you when you are single
after 15 years you need to take it very careful. Take small steps as a single gay/bi man.
after the divorce is final dont visit your wife for about 6mo if you can
You are single when you are no longer invested in another person's life, be it legally or otherwise.

you are legally married, separated yes, but still married. Until you divorce.

If you are able to manage to become un-invested by that time you will be truly single (and free)
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